Ikuta Collector Music

Collector’s Collector 2019 winter【IZNT】


Ikuta Collector presents a special live music event
Collector’s Collector 2019 winter

DateJanuary 19th , 2019 (Sat.)
Venue (Open / Start)Ikuta Jinja Shrine (16:40 / 17:00) / VARIT. (14:00 / 14:30) / troop café (23:00 / 23:00) / IZNT (17:30 / 18:00) / Club Gessekai (18:30/19:00) / THE CASTLE (to be announced)



Funky Nasso
Funky Nasso

Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander

Nadia Eliza Beth_2
Nadia Eliza Beth

Justin Bacon
Justin Bacon



When I was King

s_DJ Scott Dough
DJ Scott Dough


Presale ticket 2,000 JPY
*Please present your ticket at the ticket counters shown below to receive a free access wristband;
14:00〜16:00  at VARIT.
16:00〜21:00  at Ikuta Shrine
21:00〜the end of the event at all venues.

*Additional 600 JPY will be charged for a drink ticket.
* Live events at the Ikuta Jinja Shrine are admission free.

☆Sign up for the official LINE@ of the Ikuta Collector by 3pm January 18th!! You can get a special coupon for free admission to all the events!!
If you are our LINE@ follower, you can get the coupon on our official LINE@ at 3pm on January 18th.
*Please present your LINE@ coupon at the ticket counters shown above to receive a free access wristband.
*600 JPY will be charged for a drink ticket.
*Tickets are NOT refundable even if coupon is presented after purchasing the ticket.

【Ticket info】
◆Release date: December 15th, 6pm
The tickets are sold at the following places.

◆Ticket office
The office of ARM TECH PUBLISHERS (Kenso building 402, 2-13-3 Shimoyamatedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, the office is on the 4th floor of the VARIT building.)
PIA (P code: 138-403)
LAWSON Ticket (L code: 54852)