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~The place filled with the tender sweetness of spring~


Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden is situated at an altitude of 865 meters above sea level. The garden is widely known as the place that offers a variety of rare alpine plants. These plants grow in an ideally chilly environment and keep captivating visitors’ attention. The blooming season of the early spring flowers has just begun and it’s the best season to experience the arrival of spring. Among the great collection of early spring flowers in the garden, one of the highlights, baika oren (coptis quinquefolia) has started blooming, mesmerizing many visitors including flower and plant enthusiasts. Baika oren had been loved by Japanese pioneer botanist, Dr. Tomitaro Makino. Dr. Makino is known as the “Father of Japanese Botany” who is well-linked to Kobe.

The garden is utilizing one of the gardening styles called “Rock Garden” to maintain an ideal condition for alpine plants to grow on a flat field, artificially creating an alpine rock garden which is pretty much the same as a natural alpine condition. It’s the reason why this garden can exclusively provide visitors with amazingly wonderful alpine plants.

Entrance of the botanical garden

The garden map will be provided after you purchase the admission ticket at the entrance. As the staff member gives you the latest information about the best plant viewing of the day, you will comfortably explore the garden even if it’s your first visit.
Also, please go to the official website and check out the blooming forecast and the botanical field guide beforehand. (English)

Today we will show you some of the plants which are ready to be seen right after the spring season begins.

◇The best viewing plants◇
Baika oren (Coptis quinquefolia)
Baika oren is a white and round-shaped flower which looks similar to a plum flower. The length is about 15cm and the branches uniquely grow beneath the soil like the photo shown above. It’s different from many flowers which can be seen at the top of the branches above the soil.

You will feel very delighted when you find tiny and cute baika oren flowers.

Setsubun-sou (Eranthis pinnatifida)
Setsubun-sou blooms a cute white flower, heralding the coming of spring.

Kikuzaki ichige (Asarm fauriei takaoi)
Kikuzaki ichige grows a single flower on one stem and the flower looks like a chrysanthemum.

Himekan-aoi (Asarum takaoi)
As himekan-aoi just started to bud when we visited, some of the buds were still hidden under fallen leaves.

Apart from these, a lot more flowers are getting ready to entertain you.
What do you say to visiting the garden, sitting down on the soil, and finding cute fresh buds while feeling the spring vibes?

Garden Tour

The garden tour is regularly conducted during the season and many visitors participate in the tour.
Schedule: 11 am~, 2 pm~
A staff member will kindly guide the participants to the right spots to see the spring flowers and share various plant-related knowledge with them. It would be the best opportunity to deepen your knowledge. Don’t miss out on it!

◇Special offer
Discount coupon tickets, which are helpful for seasonal visits, are now on sale!
Admission tickets (8 coupons) 3,920 yen→3,200 yen
(720 yen off of the regular price, 3 free parking tickets included)

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Dr. Makino’s trail ~The Doctor and his friends in Kansai~ (English)

By popular demand last year, the special exhibit “Dr. Makino’s trail” has enriched the contents and will be held until August 18th (Sun).

Check out the article about the event last year↓ (English)

Facility Information
Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden (English)
4512-150 Kitarokko Rokko-cho Nada-ku Kobe