About us

Port of Kobe commemorated the 150th Anniversary of its opening in 2017.
Throughout Kobe’s long history, local Japanese people have truly appreciated the important roles of the port as the symbol of Kobe. Focusing on this great anniversary, we launched “Ichiban Kobe”, a local informational magazine that helps tourists around the world enjoy their stay here in Kobe. It is our passion and ambition to collaborate intimately with the local community in order to give foreign tourists our warmest hospitality.

“Ichiban” means “the best” or “the most precious” in Japanese; literally, “number one.”

This magazine symbolizing a keyword, “Ichiban”, was created as an informative tool to introduce the best people, places and things that cannot be easily found in ordinary guidebooks and are the pride of Kobe. Using this media, we reveal the true appeal of the area surrounding Kobe, including the Himeji and Hanshin-Awaji areas.

We believe that our Ichiban KOBE magazine and official website will help you make your trip to Kobe more enjoyable and memorable and we hope that you’ll come back once again.