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Vinyl Café in the Forest
Open exclusively on Sundays!


ROKKO MORINONE MUSEUM is a unique facility which offers its wonderful nature and forest sounds from season to season. In the winter season, the surface of the pond, where pygmy water-lilies float, freezes over and the field is impressively covered with beautiful white snow from time to time. Or maybe, small buds, which are eagerly waiting for spring to come, can be found if the timing is right.
This time, we will show you the limited-time event “Vinyl Café in the Forest” that takes place only on Sunday! The ROKKO MORINONE MUSEUM’s LP vinyl record collection is unveiled for the first time!

On the day we visited, a one-day-only talk event “by the LP vinyl record enthusiast” was being held.

Mr. Etsuhiro Tazume (LP vinyl enthusiast)
It was a two-hour special event. Mr. Taszume played his recommended music from his LP collection, talked about the great parts of the LP vinyl, and shared his thoughts and passion towards the LPs with participants.

This young man (seen in the photo above) is a primary school student. Since it was his first time seeing an LP vinyl, he was very excited to hear Mr. Tazume’s story.

Please indulge in the ultimate sound from the Museum’s LP collection while relishing meals, tea or coffee at the Forest Café. If you are lucky, you will be able to take a seat at one of the limited-time kotatsu tables (the photo shown above).
*Kotatsu is a traditional Japanese table with an electric heater attached to the underside of the table.

[Open exclusively on Sundays! Vinyl Café in the Forest]

Regular schedule
Held on: February 25th (Sun.), March 3rd (Sun.) and 10th (Sun.)
Time Schedule: 12:35 pm~, 1:35 pm~ (approximately 20 minutes / each event)
Price: Free (Admission fee and ordering a menu item at the Forest Café are required.) (English)

◇Forest Café’s recommended hot menu item◇
Sale period: until March 15th (Fri.) (English)

Croque Monsieur hot sandwich (served with soup and potato chips) 940 yen (tax included)
Take delight in the perfect combination of this hot sandwich which is composed with 2 types of melty cheese, white sauce, and bacon!

The LP vinyl『DAAR IS DE ORGELMAN』, which is being played for the first time at the Forest Café, was recorded by one of the Museum’s collections, the biggest mechanical organ, the Decap Dance Organ “De Kempenaer” when it was still active in Europe a long, long time ago.

Mechanical organs used to play an active role instead of music bands at various venues such as a dance hall, etc.

The songs, which were once auto-performed in Europe, are played beyond time and space!

During the period of “the winter concert with no musicians”, appreciate the music while relaxing at the kotatsu table.

[Warm and loosen yourself up at the kotatsu table! Morinone Winter Fair]
Event period: until March 15th (Fri.)

ROKKO MORINONE MUSEUM is now jam-packed with a lot of winter enjoyments. Come and feel a sense of romance from the sound that finally arrived here at the museum from across time and space.

Event Information
Snowy day only “The winter garden snowy day walk” (English)
This event takes place on Saturday, Sunday and national holiday (*snowy day only)

Time: 10:30 am ~ (approximately 15 minutes)
Period: until February 25th (Sun.)

Facility Information
Address: 4512-145 Kita-Rokko Rokko-cho Nada-ku Kobe
TEL: 078-891-1284 (Japanese)