SAI-DINING only uses A5 grade Kobe beef! Their professional chefs skillfully cook the best Kobe beef on a steel plate right in front of you.

Eat,Kobe beef   Motomachi,Sannomiya Area


Mouriya Central branch

Long-established Kobe beef restaurant here in Kobe with a near 130-year history! We cook authentic Kobe beef dishes right in front of you.

Eat,Kobe beef   Kitano,Sannomiya Area


Kitanozaka Oku

A well-established ramen shop where ramen enthusiasts get together! Oku is well-known as one of the best tsukemen (dipping noodles) shops in Kobe Sannomiya.

Eat,Ramen   Kitano,Sannomiya Area


Sozai Kitchen Kikucho

Sozai Kitchen Kikucho’s delicious best-selling meal with Kobe beef, sashimi and tempura will surely leave you mesmerized!

Eat,Japanese cuisine (Washoku),Kobe beef   HarborLand/Kobe/Hyogo/Tarumi/Nagata Area


Kobe Frantz umie MOSAIC branch

Kobe Frantz’s style is to offer traditional sweets that are lovingly touched up thanks to the lively passion of the staff.

Others,Shops   HarborLand/Kobe/Hyogo/Tarumi/Nagata Area


Kobe BAL

Top-notch stylish shopping malls in Kobe Motomachi that offer high-quality and luxurious occasions for all their shoppers.

Clothing & Fashion,Knick-knack store (variety goods),Shopping mall,Shops   Motomachi,Sannomiya Area


Haikara-san Kobe

Why not take a relaxing walk in the Kobe area while wearing a Japanese hakama? A hakama rental shop where professional staff offer you the best in Japanese Haikara-san fashion!

Experience   Kitano,Sannomiya Area


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