Kobe Frantz umie MOSAIC branch

Kobe Frantz’s style is to offer traditional sweets that are lovingly touched up thanks to the lively passion of the staff.

Others,Shops   HarborLand/Kobe/Hyogo/Tarumi/Nagata Area


Kobe BAL

Top-notch stylish shopping malls in Kobe Motomachi that offer high-quality and luxurious occasions for all their shoppers.

Clothing & Fashion,Eat,Knick-knack store (variety goods),Shopping mall,Shops   Motomachi,Sannomiya Area


Haikara-san Kobe

Why not take a relaxing walk in the Kobe area while wearing a Japanese hakama? A hakama rental shop where professional staff offer you the best in Japanese Haikara-san fashion!

Experience   Kitano,Sannomiya Area


Cat Cafe Nyanny

Come and enjoy playing with a variety of cute cats at a very popular cat café in town! All of the cats are sure to make you feel happy and relaxed.

Experience   Motomachi Area


Ganko (Japanese cuisine and sushi)

Come and enjoy our artisan’s skills at the locals’ favorite place “GANKO.”

Eat,Izakaya (Japanese-style casual restaurant),Japanese cuisine (Washoku),Sushi   Motomachi,Sannomiya Area


Nogyo Koko Restaurant Sannomiya branch

Nogyo Koko Restaurant collaborates with agricultural high schools in Hyogo Prefecture, creating delicious food ingredients while offering healthier diets!

Creative, fusion cuisine,Eat,Izakaya (Japanese-style casual restaurant),Japanese cuisine (Washoku)   Sannomiya Area


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