The live music club “VARIT.” opened in one of the busiest streets in Kobe Sannomiya on July 23, 2004.

Bar,Eat,Ikuta Collector,Others   Ikuta Collector,Sannomiya Area


Bistro Ueshima

Award-winning skilled chef offers you the Kobe-style French cuisine.

Eat,Italian / French cuisine   Sannomiya Area


Kobe Sanchoku marche

A chef who has worked on be half of a five star hotel serves his signature Kobe-style French and Kobe beef dishes to you!

Eat,Italian / French cuisine,Kobe beef   Kitano,Sannomiya Area


Homecenter KOHNAN Harborland Store.

Homecenter KOHNAN is the only store here in Kobe’s super-popular locale, Harborland, where you can purchase the best-selling products ranging from our specialty DIY goods, beauty products, home appliances, pharmaceutical products, and health foods.

Shopping mall,Shops   HarborLand/Kobe/Hyogo/Tarumi/Nagata,Motomachi Area


Club Gessekai

Club Gessekai is a traditional cabaret with a history of 34 years. The club was established in 1969 and renovated in 1980.

Bar,Eat,Ikuta Collector,Others   Ikuta Collector,Sannomiya Area


Marilyn House

It only takes a minute from Himeji station on foot! A rental costume shop is located on the 4th floor of the SANYO DEPARTMENT STORE main building.

Experience   Himeji Area


Edion dotonbori

We have a good variety of the latest home appliances of course, including popular items among foreign customers such as digital cameras, facial skin care devices, hair dryers, and Thermos bottles.

Home appliances,Shops   Osaka Area


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