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Sakanaya Uohide

A chic and casual restaurant where you can enjoy the best seafood which is selectively chosen by a seafood expert with 40 years of his professional experience.

Eat,Izakaya (Japanese-style casual restaurant),Japanese cuisine (Washoku),Sushi   Kitano,Sannomiya Area


Gran cave

Their creative international dishes sourced from 24 countries will amaze you inside of the restaurant’s gorgeous and mystifying cave theme.

Creative, fusion cuisine,Eat   Sannomiya Area


Gashoken Sanomiya branch

Enjoy super-rich Tonkotsu ramen with special pork marrow-based soup which has been cooked for three days with pure local water from Nadagogo!

Eat,Ramen   Sannomiya Area


Mouriya Central branch

Long-established Kobe beef restaurant here in Kobe with a near 130-year history! We cook authentic Kobe beef dishes right in front of you.

Eat,Kobe beef   Kitano,Sannomiya Area


Akashiyaki Kikucho (KOBE Harborland umie MOSAIC)

Kikucho is a well-established Akashiyaki restaurant in Kobe with a 47-year history. You can enjoy a variety of dishes such as their specialty Akashiyaki, popular washoku dishes, and the world-famous Kobe beef steak!

Eat,Izakaya (Japanese-style casual restaurant),Japanese cuisine (Washoku),Kobe beef   HarborLand/Kobe/Hyogo/Tarumi/Nagata Area


Kitanozaka Oku

A well-established ramen shop where ramen enthusiasts get together! Oku is well-known as one of the best tsukemen (dipping noodles) shops in Kobe Sannomiya.

Eat,Ramen   Kitano,Sannomiya Area


Yasai Bistro Les LEGUMES

Their motto is “Farm to Table, Kobe” A specialty shop for a variety of pies created with local ingredients.

Cafe / Sweets,Eat,Italian / French cuisine   Hanshin Area


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