A cool izakaya where chefs, servers and frequent customers get together after work. This place is the real midnight diner in Kobe.

Eat,Izakaya (Japanese-style casual restaurant),Japanese cuisine (Washoku),Kobe beef,Sushi   Sannomiya Area


SKY BUS KOBE (sightseeing bus tour)

Super exciting and refreshing! Enjoy the fresh air on the open-top bus and have fun on your Kobe trip!

Experience   HarborLand/Kobe/Hyogo/Tarumi/Nagata,Kitano,Motomachi,Sannomiya Area


Gran cave

Their creative international dishes sourced from 24 countries will amaze you inside of the restaurant’s gorgeous and mystifying cave theme.

Creative, fusion cuisine,Eat   Sannomiya Area


café clotho

Delicious & Reasonable! Please look for a signboard with a symbolic cat design!

Cafe / Sweets,Eat,Western cuisine   Motomachi,Sannomiya Area


Yasai Bistro Les LEGUMES

Their motto is “Farm to Table, Kobe” A specialty shop for a variety of pies created with local ingredients.

Cafe / Sweets,Eat,Italian / French cuisine   Hanshin Area


Rokko Cable Car (Mt. ROKKO CABLE CAR)

Let’s take the Rokko Cable Car and enjoy the 10 million-dollar night view of Kobe! The spectacular views and beautiful nature of Mt. Rokko will surely mesmerize you!

Experience   Hanshin Area


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