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(rare and hot)!” EVENT~


Mt. Rokko Snow Park proudly marked its 60th anniversary this season. It is the closest facility that exclusively offers various fun winter-related activities in the Kobe area. The Snow Park is conveniently situated only about 35 minutes away from downtown Kobe by car.

Commemorating its 60th anniversary, a variety of events with the tagline “ROKKO ATSU-TSU-TSU…” have been taking place. Atsu(i) in Japanese has multiple meanings and one of them is “a rare chance”. Don’t forget this rare chance to enjoy hot and fun winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, etc.
Let’s play in the snow with your family members or friends here at Mt. Rokko Snow Park.

Source: Rokko Snow Park (Japanese)
*The second slope is currently available only from the half of the slope. The ski lift will run depending on the snow condition.

Right after the opening time, the slopes are not crowded.
If you are a beginner and would like to practice without worrying about other guests, reaching the slope right after the opening time would be a sensible option.

Why not make a memorable moment with family members.

Make sure to secure a leash to your leg when snowboarding.

Ms. Mizuno, who is in charge of the Public Relations Department, shared recommended information including many must-try things in the Snow Park with us.

Check out the message on the back of their jacket! 6 kinds of unique and humorous messages can be seen. Let’s find all 6 messages and laugh together!

More info about the event as follows; (English)

【Hot item when playing in the snow! “Kotatsu table-shaped snow sled”】
One of Ms. Mizuno’s recommended events is a Kotatsu table-shaped snow sled. This is a very popular attraction especially for kids. Confirm the service hours beforehand to make sure if you can take part in the event.

Kotatsu is a traditional Japanese table with an electric heater attached to the underside of the table.
This unusual yet very creative attraction has just opened in the Snow Park!
Without a doubt, this Kotatsu-shaped snow sled will make all of your wildest dreams of sledding in the snow while relaxing under a Kotatsu come true!

Event period: until March 3rd (only on Saturday, Sunday and national holiday)
Event hours: 1st: 10 am – noon, 2nd: 2 pm – 4 pm
*Check out the detailed schedule before visiting as follows; (English)
*The Kotatsu sled is made with a snow tube.

Many enjoyable attractions that include snow sleds, obstacle courses are dotted in the Snow Land and waiting for kids and their family members to try.

Related article is below; (English)

Snow Land area map (source: Rokko Snow Park)
Opening hours: 9 am – 5 pm

A souvenir shop and food joint “Green leaf” located inside the Snow Land offers Mt. Rokko-related souvenirs, snow playing-related items like gloves. Also, the to-go meal lineup that includes a steamed meat bun will satisfy your appetite.

Work together and make your own igloos and snowmen!

It would also be nice if you could stroll around the Land and take a look at the snowmen that other guests created.

Please support small children to ensure a safe ride on the sled.

The sled will run much faster than expected. When stopping the sled, please use your feet to control the speed to gradually bring yourself to a halt. The staff members will give you detailed instructions anytime if necessary.

Rental snow sleds are provided at the shop right next to the entrance of the Snow Land.
Apart from snow sleds, many types of rental outfits (ranging from 90 cm) and items are prepared and will definitely meet your size and needs.
Just bring yourself, drop by the shop, pick your favorite items, and have fun! (English)

【Atsu-atu Hot Pot Selection】
After playing in the cold park, relish a savory hot pot dish to warm you up!

The restaurant “Alpine Rose” will serve you their great selection of hot pot dishes. (English)
Chanko nabe hot pot combo 1,700 yen (tax included)
Chanko nabe is a Japanese traditional hot pot which is composed of meat, seafood, vegetables and more ingredients like the photo shown above. This hot pot is made with Mt. Rokko’s local miso and selectively chosen domestic chicken. Don’t miss out on this special chanko nabe!

The Rokko Snow Park celebrated its 60th anniversary in the 2023-2024 season and their service will become more and more fun and lively. Your cold winter experience at the Park will absolutely make your body and soul hot and energized.

Valuable Information
1: “Rokko Cable Car & Ski combo ticket” or “Rokko Ski combo ticket” will make your trip to Mt. Rokko Snow Park more valuable and affordable. (Japanese)

(Source: Rokko Snow Park)
If you take public transportation to head to Rokko Snow Park, combo tickets are recommended.
The ticket consists of the admission ticket and public transportation tickets.
*”Rokko Ski combo ticket” includes a special coupon for a giveaway gift from Rokko Morinone Museum.

2: Special discount service at Arima Onsen “Taiko no Yu”
If you present the admission ticket of Rokko Snow Park at the reception of Arima Onsen “Taiko no Yu”, you can receive a special discount! (Japanese)

Source: Taiko no Yu Onsen
Taiko no Yu (English)

Facility Information
Rokko-san (Mt. Rokko) Snow Park (English)
Address: 4512-98 Kitarokko Rokkosan-cho Nada-ku Kobe
Tel: 078-891-0366 (Japanese)