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Kobe Municipal Arboretum
~Autumn Leaf Peeping & Illumination in the Forest~


Kobe Municipal Arboretum is known as the place where autumn leaves turn red earlier than the downtown area in Kobe. Kobe Municipal Arboretum is a great facility that offers Mt. Rokko’s wonderful nature along with the amazingly realistic appearances of many seasonal plants. Now is the best season to see the autumn leaves in the daytime and also the best time to enjoy the illumination of the leaves at night. We will show you the charm of this event in the forest!

With regard to the autumn leaves illuminations, two areas (the north area and the south area) are organized in the arboretum. You can walk toward the Hase ike pond via both areas when the arboretum opens. However, as some routes in the south area are prohibited after 5 pm, we recommend you stroll around and explore the arboretum freely before the illumination begins (before 5 pm)!

Hase ike Pond
A countless number of leaves from many different trees in the area, that include Japanese maple and Algerian ivy, are dramatically turning red and mesmerizing all visitors during this period. Also, don’t forget to take delight in the quaint leaves reflected on the surface of the pond. Find a bench around the pond, unwind yourself, and indulge in the colorful view of autumn.

The hydrangea garden, where you can appreciate various hydrangeas in the rainy season, proudly offers Camellia sasanquas now and will be enjoyable until spring next year.

A wide variety of attractive trees and flowers can be seen in each season. It’s also the best part of the arboretum.
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【Forest exhibition hall】

Forest Ecosystem ~Symbiosis of Living things~
The exhibit section on the first floor of the hall was reopened after the renovation.
The floors and walls were made with resources which were generated by thinning and cutting down trees in the forest. Stop by this tiny, cute, and heart-warming museum and learn about the symbiosis between the forest and living things including human beings.

Take a seat and relax while reading forest-related books at the library.

Cafe in the forest Le Pic

The opening hours of the cafe are extended during the illumination event.
Opening hours: 9:30 am-6:30 pm (last call: 6 pm)
(*Open on Saturday, Sunday, national holiday until December 3rd.)

Homemade seasonal soup combo 1,000 yen
This is the special limited-time menu item which is only available in the evening during the illumination event period (Saturday, Sunday, national holiday).
Apart from this combo, various dishes are lined up and are ready to warm you up.

As the sun goes down, the entire area becomes more and more appealing and romantic.

【Autumn leaf illumination】
Event period: Until December 3rd (Only available on Saturday, Sunday, national holiday)
Event hours: 4:30 pm-7:30 pm (last admission: 7 pm)
*Go to the link below and check out the details before visiting.

The mystique color of the reflection on the pond near the front gate will welcome you.

Come and feel the absolutely different aura from the illuminated trees!

The photo spot for the commemoration of the visit
The spot is surrounded by hydrangea-designed umbrellas.
*The umbrella can be provided for free for 15 minutes.

On the path toward the multi-purpose square, surprisingly beautiful metasequoia trees are showing their impressive presences. Their gold color created by the illumination is captivating all visitors’ hearts.

The autumn leaf viewing season in the Mt. Rokko area is now in full swing. The vividly colored leaves in Kobe Municipal Arboretum are waiting for your visit. Come along with your friends or family members and experience the night illumination together!

Facility Information
Kobe Municipal Arboretum
1-2 Nagao Kamitanigami aza Yamada-cho Kita-ku Kobe