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ROKKO MEETS ART 2023 beyond
~Beyond Representation~


ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) is widely known as one of Kobe’s most creative and impressive art festivals in autumn. This art festival will celebrate its 14th anniversary this year and the symbolic word “beyond” was added at the end of the title. ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) 2023 beyond will present you a very wide variety of artworks and art-related events which are undoubtedly way “beyond” your expectations!

As ROKKO MEETS ART takes place from the end of summer to winter, you can take delight in the amazing pieces of art while feeling the change of the seasons in Mt. Rokko’s great nature.

The theme of the year is “Beyond Representation”. Various artworks from 50 artists and art groups are exhibited at multiple venues on Mt. Rokko. Let’s start with the first venue “Rokko Cable Shita Station”!

Official guide map (Japanese)

■The neighbor has you
Rokko Cable Shita Station is the starting point of the art festival. Here a wonderful statue will welcome your visit.
Your expectation for the festival, with great masterpieces on the mountaintop, will naturally rise even while waiting for the cable car.
We will share some of the highlights of ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) 2023 beyond with you. Come and experience this reborn and upgraded art event!

【Based in ROKKO MORINONE MUSEUM, an outdoor exhibition area for artworks was established.】

■Bridge and Terrace in Rokko, Kobe Japan
A multipurpose open-air terrace was built on the artificial pond near the parking lot of ROKKO MORINONE MUSEUM. As the terrace is going to remain for several years after the festival, visitors will be able to appreciate the full bloom of cherry blossoms from the terrace come spring.

■Moon Plants
YUGO KONISHI(Tama plants)
A unique dome-shaped artwork, which charges its battery during the daytime and lights up by itself at night, is floating on a pond in the SIKI Garden.

【Trail Area (brand-new)】
Stroll along with the brand-new trail route and explore your favorite art pieces!

The route connects from Rokko Sanjo Station to ROKKO MORINONE MUSEUM.
Enjoy trekking while feeling the relaxing sunlight filtering through the trees in the forest.

About a 40-minute trail route

From Rokko Cable Sanjo Station, A 5-minute walk will take you to the trail entrance / exit. (*on the right side of the photo)

Mt. Rokko area welfare center (situated near the trail entrance / exit)

C.A.P. will switch their art programs multiple times during the festival.

We will introduce some of the art pieces which are exhibited in the trail route.

■Portrait of a Seedling -a project about Infinite Dependency-

■Sunny Day Light / Haru &Teru
A story, which chronicles Haru and Teru, is set in a mountain villa. This is an installation art and it goes around the villa.

The entrance to the ROKKO MORINONE MUSEUM side is here.
It’s located close to the parking lot.

Although many paved and gentle paths continue in the trail route, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

【Creating great opportunities for children to experience art】

■Soft Boundary
In addition to artworks, a variety of participative art-related events such as stamp collecting or workshops will create opportunities for children, who will lead the next generation, in Mt. Rokko’s beautiful nature.

Check out some more art pieces in the different areas!
◇Visitor Center◇
「ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) 2023 beyond public offering competition (the grand prize-winning artwork)」
■Food Landscape

◇Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden◇

■Camouflage Print

◇Rokko Garden Terrace area◇

Masayoshi TAKEDA
Many more art creations are showing their presences at the venues on the top of Mt. Rokko. Visit this super upgraded ROKKO MEETS ART festival and indulge in fantastic pieces of art!

“Hikari No Mori (illuminated forest) ~Night Art Walk~” will be held from September 23rd (Sat.)!
Period: Only on Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday from September 23rd to November 23rd

From October to November, a special Kobe night view tour bus will exclusively start its service.
*The details will be announced on the Shinki Bus official website as soon as possible. (Japanese)

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Mt. Rokko & Mt. Maya Event Information

Forest Sound Photo Contest 2023
Period: – November 23rd (Thu. / national holiday)

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

Plant photographer, musician, and traveler “Masashi Igari” Concert
Period: – October 9th (Tue.)
Venue: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

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