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“Hikari No Mori (illuminated forest) ~Night Art Walk~”
Welcome to the mystique space filled with amazingly mellow lights!


“ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) 2023 beyond” has been taking place since the end of summer and it has been gaining visitor’s attention. Now it’s the middle of autumn and this season is highly regarded as the best season of the arts in Japan. Why not come visit the Mt. Rokko area and appreciate masterpieces of art while feeling the transition of the season where the leaves start to change colors.

Also, another time-limited special event “Hikari No Mori (illuminated forest) ~Night Art Walk~” has just begun to mesmerize all visitors. It’s the only chance to experience the festival during the daytime and the night time!

【Hikari No Mori (illuminated forest) ~Night Art Walk~】

Hikari No Mori is exclusively held at ROKKO MORINONE MUSEUM and Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden.

Venue Map
(Source: Official website of Hikari No Mori ~Night Art Walk~)

It would be a great opportunity to experience the Night Art Walk after relishing art pieces in the daytime. The Hikari No Mori event starts at 5 pm. Please purchase or present the festival passport with the Night Art Walk ticket or the Night Art Walk ticket itself at each gate and you can receive a bracelet as the admission pass.

As there is a large temperature gap between the daytime and the night time, don’t forget to protect yourself from the cold while visiting the venues.

Check out more info about the festival passport↓

“Hikari No Mori ~Night Art Walk~”
Period: until November 23rd (Available only on Saturday, Sunday and national holiday)
Opening hours: 5 pm – 8 pm (Last admission: 7:30 pm)

First off, let’s start with ROKKO MORINONE MUSEUM!
The artworks, which are exhibited mainly for the daytime, are beautifully illuminated and showing their diverse presences. We will share some of our recommended works with you.

This art piece was awarded the Kobe mayor’s prize.
■Princess Dorian standing on the stone stage

■Peeking into the Forest, the Mountain Hole.

The semi-grand prize-winning artwork (in the public offering competition)
■Moon Plants
YUGO KONISHI(Tama plants)

The special material, which is used for the artwork, charges the battery via the sunlight in the daytime and it gently lights up itself after the sunset.

■Shining Smile Fruit in SIKI Garden

The dark forest is enveloped by the warm and colorful light bulbs with drawings of beloved peoples’ smiles. The light bulbs were drawn by children in Kobe. Indulge in this mystique space while relaxing on a hammock or bench nearby.

This path is only available during the Hikari No Mori event.
It takes about 3 minutes to get to the west entrance of Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden from ROKKO MORINONE MUSEUM. Please make sure to show the staff member the bracelet when you go through the entrance.

Next, let’s head to Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden!

■Soft Boundary

This artwork received the Taiko-no Yu award presented by the Arima Onsen “Taiko-no Yu” hot spring.

An artwork which was created with approximately 700 specially made water balloon blocks.

■Kira★Kira★Kirari- Let’s find night paints!

It’s an experience-based artwork.
Explore the garden with your kids and collect pieces of glittering lights together!

Have an enjoyable moment at the night botanical garden while finding 5 light fountains!

After approaching the 5 fountains, let’s reach the goal!

Bring your collected pieces of lights to the goal where a colorfully illuminated view of the rock garden appears right before your eyes. Take delight in a special moment surrounded by your own light and music.

As the temperature at the Mt. Rokko area is about 5 degrees lower than that of the downtown area, the leaves turn red fast. The best season for autumn leaf viewing is between the middle of October and November. Take in the exquisite beauty of illuminated autumn leaves.

“ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) 2023 beyond” has already come to the halfway point.
Discover the night event “Hikari No Mori ~Night Art Walk~” that’s only offered in this period.

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“ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) 2023 beyond”
“Hikari No Mori ~Night Art Walk~”

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