Cultural Heritage “Himeji-jo Castle”


Mr. Mori from the Tourism Promotion Division of Himeji City reveals little-known attractions around Himeji-jo Castle.


Himeji-jo Castle is recognized as one of the cultural heritages in the world. Now the castle finally appeared again after a five-and-half year renovation. Isn’t it natural for us to want to learn about Himeji-jo Castle and its neighboring attractions in a way that surpasses an ordinary guidebook? Mr. Mori from the Tourism Promotion Division of Himeji City secretly advised us on the insider’s way of enjoying Himeji-jo Castle and its neighboring area.


1.Autumn leaf viewing in Kokoen Garden is highly recommended!

Being one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan, Kokoen is often used as a shooting site for TV dramas. Of course, in the spring, cherry blossoms are wonderful, but autumn leaves are also very appealing.


2.Jogging around the castle early in the morning

The path is about 4 kilometers around the castle which is a comfortable distance for jogging. Streets with few people and fresh air in the early morning will provide you with a special opportunity for jogging.


3.Simple picnic at Otokoyama Haisui-ike koen Park!

Otokoyama Haisui-ike koen is a park at the top of a small mountain northwest Himeji-jo Castle. Climb 200 steps of the stairs to the mountaintop and you can look out across the town with the beautiful castle. It is worth climbing to the top.


4.Himeji City Zoo has the best view of Himeji-jo Castle!

From the zoo, you can get an impressive three-dimensional view of the castle at an angle of just 45 degrees. And of course, you can also enjoy the zoo as well.


5.Take a walk in the Shiromidai-koen Park area

Shiromidai-koen Park is located east of Himeji-jo Castle and has a large, well-treated lawn. You can enjoy strolling around the park while watching the castle.


Himeji-jo Castle will never stop captivating you. After taking a look at the castle from the front, enjoy your tour by choosing from one of the five views listed above. We truly believe that your trip will be much more memorable.