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Rokko Garden Terrace Rokko-Shidare Observatory Mt. Rokko Lighting Art “Lightscape in Rokko”


Mt. Rokko is famous for being one of the best summer vacation spots in the Kobe area. Today, we will show you Rokko-Shidare Observatory where you can feel the cool summer vibes of Mt. Rokko.

【Rokko-Shidare Observatory】
On the hill of the Rokko Garden Terrace property, a dome-shaped artistic building exudes a strong and fascinating presence. It’s Rokko-Shidare Observatory. Rokko-Shidare Observatory was designed by a Japanese architect Hiroshi Sanbuichi. The consistent motto of his design work is to create a building which can naturally become a complete part of the earth.
 Source: Rokko GARDEN TERRACE Website
Come and experience Rokko Shidare’s unique structure which was created with a great idea that makes the observatory cool and comfortable in the summer season!

■ 10 degrees cooler than downtown Kobe! “Cool breeze experience”
In the basement of the observatory building, there are two ice storage rooms that store ice rocks during the summer. As the cool air, created at the basement, is sent to the base of the observatory, the entire floor cools down dramatically. The temperature is about 10 degrees cooler than that in the downtown Kobe area. As a side note, huge ice rocks are made around the observatory area during the winter. Mt. Rokko has an ideal environment to produce natural ice rocks since the temperature of the winter season often reaches negative there.
*The event will end when all of the ice rocks are gone. (the end of August)

Inside the observatory, the cool breeze, fresh aroma of Hinoki cypress, and the spacious structure will definitely make you feel relaxed. Stay here and loosen up for a while.
Even in the mid-summer, the average temperature is well-controlled at 20 degrees Celsius.

■Komorebi sunlight experience 
Source: Rokko GARDEN TERRACE website
Komorebi is a Japanese expression that means “sunlight filtered through the tree”. Like the photo, the exterior frame of the observatory looks very outstanding. It’s made with Hinoki cypress and perfectly built based on the structure of the real tree. This frame helps alleviate summer’s strong sunlight and helps prevent rainfall from entering into the observatory.

 “Lightscape in Rokko” Summer edition ~Natsu wa Yoru (Summer Night) ~
Source: Rokko GARDEN TERRACE website

The artwork is directed by a Japanese director and writer Masayuki Fushimi. This year’s theme is a traditional Japanese book “Makura no Soshi” (The Pillow Book) by a Japanese author Sei Shōnagon who was active around the 11th century during the middle Heian period. Mr. Fushimi created an amazing Sei Shōnagon’s world that describes a variety of scenes of Japan’s wonderful four seasons that have been loved by Japanese people for centuries.
The summer edition will end at the end of August.

The best time to savor the summer edition is around 7:30 pm. The beautiful lighting contrast is way beyond your imagination.

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko Official outing site

Event period: Open daily until August 31st (Tue.)
Event hours: 7 pm-8 pm (Last admission: 7:30 pm)
*The autumn edition “Autumn Dusk” will start in September. Don’t miss out!

Rokko-Shidare Observatory (in the Rokko Garden Terrace area)
Opening hours: 10 am-8 pm (Last admission 7:30 pm)
*The opening hours may change depending on the weather and the season.
Admission fee: 310 yen (Adult), 210 yen (4 years old-primary school student age)
Official website:

【Rokko Garden Terrace】
Address: 1877-9 Gosukeyama Rokkosan-cho Nada-ku Kobe
*Located right in front of the Rokko Sanjo Bus stop “Rokko Garden Terrace”.
Tel: 078-894-2281 (Japanese)

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□ Event period □
1st period: August 5th (Thu.)-September 30th (Thu.), 2021
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More information about the event: (Japanese)

* Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event period, schedule, tour contents may change. Please go to the websites related to the facilities, transportation services, and such to check out the latest information in advance.