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Rokko Snow Park
~New kid’s attractions have just arrived!~


The New year, 2023, has just begun and the winter season is now in full swing. In the Mt. Rokko area, the temperature has sharply dropped and snow can sometimes be seen on the ground. Rokko Snow Park is the best and nearest location in the Kobe area that offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy fun winter sports without bringing any gear. The snow park’s multiple slopes and the kid’s area called “Snow Land” will be sure to indulge all winter lovers from small children to advanced skiers.

Rokko Snow Park Map

The area of the Snow Park is 10,000 square meters (One of the biggest ski slopes in the Kansai region). This season, new attractions for little kids from GREENIA (outdoor adventure park) have been newly created in the Snow Land area. (*GREENIA is open from spring to autumn at the same property as the Snow Park.) The difficulty level of each attraction is set low enough for small children to challenge all attractions.

Today, we will visit the park and show you around, including the new area.

To get to the Snow Land area, go through the slope right next to the entrance and walk along the pond for several minutes.

【Snow Target】
Throw snowballs and hit the target on the pond!

Three targets float on the pond.

Try and hit all three targets!

Make snowballs and get ready for the game! (*The ball throwing is allowed only in the Snow Target area.)
Now, let’s check out the kid’s attractions!

【Kid’s Attractions】

6 fun attractions have appeared at the Snow Land this season. We will share three of them with you!

1, Greenya Gates

Walk through one of the Greenya gates to enter the area! (*There are two Greenya gates in the land.)

2, Cute and Tiny Swings

Play on the net swings and feel Rokko’s refreshing wind!

3, Ring Ring and Touch

Grab a rope and ring a bell!

A small child is trying to reach the rope with his dad’s support! So cute!

In the Snow Land, more snow-related attractions are organized to entertain not only kids but also adults! It’s the perfect place for family members to play together.

【Snow Sled area】

If a kid feels anxious about riding alone, please help them ride like in the photo above.

Rental snow sled: 500 yen

【Snow Playground area】

Let’s work on making a snow igloo!

Opening hours: 9 am – 5 pm (Japanese)

Both early-bird skiers and snowboarders are welcome in the morning. On top of that, the park opens earlier than usual or extends evening hours depending on their schedule.
The second slope will open on January 8th!

The best part of the park is that visitors don’t have to bring any winter sports-related gear here. Their rental items are excellently lined-up and ready for use. Just bring yourself! That’s it!

The second slope is steeper than the first slope. It would be suitable for intermediate or advanced visitors.

Once you get the hang of skiing or snowboarding at the first slope, the second slope might be a good option since it is less crowded than the first one. (*Please be sure to check your level before you try the second slope.)

Enjoy winter sports based on your purpose and level!

The first slope is preferable for beginners.
(The first slope is on the right and the second slope is on the left of the photo shown above.)

If you need to feel secure before going to the first slope, a gentler slope is situated next to the end of the second slope. Feel free to stop by and practice until you feel confident!

【Food Recommendation】
Rokko Snow Park will serve you a variety of food items!
◇Recommended dish from a staff member of the park◇

Rokko-san yamamori roast beef rice bowl 1,800 yen (Restaurant Alpine Rose)
Yamamori means towering up or piling up in Japanese! Many roast beef slices are piled up on a jumbo portion of rice. It definitely looks like Mt. Rokko! A combination of the homemade onion sauce and yogurt sauce will really go well with juicy roast beef and rice!

More information about the food menus is below↓ (Japanese)

Feel fresh air, play with snow, focus on winter sports, or eat delicious dishes! Visit and have fun with friends and family members here at Rokko Snow Park!

▼Discounted ski ticket information ↓ (Japanese)

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Facility Information
Rokko Snow Park
Address: 4512-98 Kitarokko Rokkosan-cho Nada-ku KOBE
Tel: 078-891-0366 (Japanese)