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ROKKO MEETS ART 2021 Recommended Spots

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The change in weather in Kobe feels like autumn is just around the corner. The autumn season in Japan is well-known as the best season for art viewing and one of Kobe’s most creative and artistic annual events is undoubtedly “ROKKO MEETS ART”. The 12th ROKKO MEETS ART takes place throughout the Mt, Rokko area from September 11th (Sat.) to November 23rd (Tues. / national holiday). This year’s theme is “Art makes your heart and soul comfortable.” 15 artists’ artworks, which were chosen from the 240 selection, and 19 invited artists’ artworks are exhibited at the various venues in the area. Their artworks will bring out the charm of the Mt. Rokko area with wonderful nature and culture.
In this article, we will show you some of their amazing artworks in different areas as well as our recommended routes.

The exhibition venues of the Rokko mountain top are dotted in 5 areas. Today we will focus on these 4 areas inside the red frames shown in the photo below.

Official guide map: (Japanese)
Map download link: (Japanese)

【Tenran Observatory・TENRAN CAFE】

Both Tenran Observatory and TENRAN CAFE are situated on the roof top of Rokko Sanjo Station. 
「Beyond our memories」 by Chiaki SHIMIZU
Awarded the grand prize of the public exhibition in ROKKO MEETS ART 2021. At the Tenran observatory area, 5 artworks of hers are displayed.

【Grand Hotel Rokko Sky Villa・Chapel of the Wind】

A 10-minute bus ride from Rokko Sanjo Station takes you to the next spot “Grand Hotel Rokko Sky Villa・Chapel of the Wind” area. The Chapel of the Wind is specially open to the public only during this art event. Please don’t miss out! A special bus schedule is only available during the event as well.
The bus timetable↓ (Japanese)

Grand Hotel Rokko Sky Villa

「See Saw Seeds Distance ROKKO CHANG PONG」by C.A.P, Videokaffe (from Finland), and Galerie Herold (from Germany)
A large iconic banner is hanging in front of the venue “Grand Hotel Rokko Sky Villa”. 44 domestic and overseas artists from 3 different groups have participated in the exhibition.

Theme: HOPE

Theme: Frequency「Aether Weather」by Alexander Böll (Alexander Böll), Sami Pikkarainen (Videokaffe), Yukiko NAKAMURA (C.A.P)

Theme: Forest
「Potsuri potsuri」by Mai KAWAMOTO (C.A.P)

「Mori (Forest)」by Makiko MASUDA (C.A.P)

As some of the artists are planning to stay at Grand Hotel Rokko Sky Villa during the exhibition, it would be a great opportunity to interact with them.

Chapel of the Wind
The Chapel of the Wind is just a minute away from the Villa.
The Chapel of the Wind was designed by one of the most famous and successful Japanese architects “Tadao Ando” and was built in 1986. He designed a series of three chapels, The Church of the light (Osaka), Chapel on the water (Hokkaido), and Chapel of the wind (Hyogo). The Chapel of the Wind is the first one. 
「OKUYUKU」by Tabaimo

【ROKKO Forest Sound Museum】

Go back to Rokko Cable Sanjo Station and transfer to another route bus to get to ROKKO Forest Sound Museum (5-minute ride). 
「101」by Haru TERAOKA
The presence of this artwork looks very appealing even from outside the museum.

Displayed at the SIKI garden (The second floor of the museum is connected to the SIKI garden.)

 「DECAP Evolution」by MAYWA DENKI
Experience their original style of music that combines the classic technology and latest technology!
“MAYWA DENKI mechanical concert in Mt. Rokko” is held during the event period.
More details including the concert schedule↓  (Japanese)

【Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden】

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden is just next to ROKKO Forest Sound Museum. (It’s about a 3 minute-walk away to the west gate of the Garden.) 「The Little House」by Tomoko NAGAI
This artwork is the key visual of ROKKO MEETS ART 2021.

「My Story」by Umetaro HONAMI

【Former Resting Hut in Parnassus】

This venue is located just a 5-minute walk away from the bus stop “Athletic Park Mae”
(*From the Botanical Garden, take a bus via Rokko Garden Terrace at the bus stop “Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden”.)

「Ark swimming in the mountains」by Pondparnasse (Yusuke ASAI, Natsuki TAKAYAMA, Erina MATSUI, Goro MURAYAMA)

「Alone Olympics」by Kimiko SHIMIZU
Her artworks are exhibited along the road.

【Rokko Garden Terrace / Rokko-Shidare Observatory】

From the Former Resting Hut in Parnassus, it takes about 10 minutes to get to the Rokko Garden Terrace area. 
「The Source of Affection」by Sasakimina
Exhibited inside the Rokko-Shidare Observatory.

In addition to artworks and venues that we shared today, a variety of artworks are displayed at Rokko-Arima Ropeway Rokko Sancho Station, Memorial Monument (Mt. Rokko Visitor Center), Rokkosan Silence Resort,
Arima Onsen Area, JR Sannomiya Station and more. If you would like to visit multiple venues and appreciate as many artworks as possible, purchasing the special exhibition pass might be one of the best choices.
See more information about the pass↓ (Japanese)

【General Information】
Event period: September 11th (Sat.) – November 23rd (Tue. / national holiday), 2021 (Open daily)
(* Rokkosan Silence Resort is closed on September 13th, 27th, and every Monday in October.)
Opening hours: 10 am – 5 pm (*Some of the venues are still open after 5 pm.)
Venues: 12 venues on the Mt. Rokko area (Japanese)
Official website: