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The finest cuisine and glamping facility was newly born!
“NATURE LIVE ROKKO”, which is surround by Mt. Rokko’s bountiful nature, specializes in food experience!


A brand-new glamping facility “NATURE LIVE ROKKO” has just appeared on Mt. Rokko! It proudly offers a variety of activities under Mt. Rokko’s plentiful nature; including an exceptional food experience which no one has encountered before. It would be an absolutely new event for everyone! NATURE LIVE ROKKO is an ideal place where you can enjoy having an indulgent time through an outdoor cooking experience supported by professional yet friendly glamping attendants.
Today, we will show you the charm of “NATURE LIVE ROKKO”.

NATURE LIVE ROKKO is easily accessible. It only takes approximately 30 minutes from the Sannomiya area and 60 minutes from the central Osaka area to get to NATURE LIVE ROKKO (parking lot). If you would like to use the public transportation service, take Rokko Sanjo Bus or Rokko-Maya Sky Shuttle Bus from Rokko Sanjo Station and get off at Kinenhidai (Memorial Monument) bus stop. From the bus stop, walk toward the post office nearby and the signboard of NATURE LIVE ROKKO (parking lot) can be seen on the north side of the post office. (Japanese)

Walk through the same path to the Rokkosan Distillery which opened in July, 2021

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A brief walk will take you to the parking lot of NATURE LIVE ROKKO.

You’ll be picked up here by the glamping attendant and driven to the facility. (About a 10-minute drive / 20-minute walk)

The atmosphere of the entrance will make you feel as if you just arrived somewhere outside Japan.
The firepit, which was made of a 300-year-old Japanese zelkova, is showing its strong presence.

The glamping attendant will warmly greet you.

Pick your favorite drink from their welcome drink selection (3 kinds of freshly ground coffee, black tea, herb water, etc.)

In the forest, it would be a great idea to lie down on the hammock and feel the warmth of nature with the sunlight that comes through the leaves of trees.

Big bird’s nest-shaped spots encircled by the forest will be the best places for picnics.

From the bird’s nest, a wide and beautiful view of Kobe’s townscape can be seen when it’s fine out.
5 tent-shaped Sky cottages are situated close to one another in the area so that guests can easily interact with each other.
As the path to the Sky cottage looks so cute, you’ll feel like you are strolling around a theme park.

A view from the window in the bedroom (1st floor of the cottage)
The bed room is one of the best spots to appreciate Kobe’s townscape.

Sit back and relax with Kobe’s fabulous view! (2nd floor of the cottage)

Hammock terrace (outside of the window)
Feel comfortable wind throughout your body and enjoy its super panoramic view!
The glamping attendants’ recommendation of the hammock terrace is just to unwind yourself while hearing birds chirping in the early morning.

Let’s head to the terrace on the 2nd floor! The special food experience is waiting for you.
It’s time to start outdoor cooking and take delight in the finest cuisine and glamping experience!

Special main dish: Wagyu beef tomahawk steak (*the photo shown above)
Wagyu beef tomahawk steak is an optional menu item. (*Additional charge required)
The regular main dish is wagyu beef (Kobe beef) chunk meat steak.
Their reliable glamping attendants will kindly support your preparations and cooking.

The perfect temperature control will make the meat very juicy.

Appetizer: Rokko champignon’s al ajillo (Spanish-style garlic shrimp)
Rokko champignon was cultivated with organic farming.
Tear a large mushroom with your hands and cook al ajillo!

Appetizer: Cold and grilled Caesar salad

Tear a fresh onion and tomato with your hands, grill them, and delicately feel the freshness, warmness, and coldness of the ingredients while relishing them.
(*It’s easy to tear veggies with your hands because the notches are added beforehand.)
Many of Hyogo’s food ingredients are lined up. It would be a wonderful opportunity to savor local ingredients.

The detailed course menu items are as follows↓ (Japanese)

Revel in the process of authentic outdoor cooking and enjoy amazingly delicious dishes while feeling Mt. Rokko’s nature.

Furthermore, a wide variety of activities will never bore you!

Log splitting experience (free of charge)
Learn how to split a log from the glamping attendant and try it!
Last entry: 4:30 pm

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At night, choose your favorite way to indulge in glamping under the moon and stars! NATURE LIVE ROKKO could be the only glamping facility that offers a spectacular night view from Mt. Rokko.
Please come and have a gorgeous glamping experience with your loved ones such as friends, family members and so forth!

Facility Information
Room rate:
A room for 4 people
1 night including 2 meals 28,000 yen~
(The rate may change depending on the period.)
Reservation: (Japanese)

1034 Minami-Rokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe

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