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Let’s try a mysterious challenge under Mt. Rokko’s summertime nature!
~ Riddle-solving game “Fairy’s cantabile” ~

 Kobe’s rainy season has come to an end in the last days of June, leaving behind a blessing of very summer-like weather. As the temperature of Mt. Rokko is about 5 degrees lower than that of downtown Kobe, the entire mountain area is regarded as a summer vacation resort for both Kobe locals and Japanese tourists. ROKKO MORINONE (Forest sound) Museum and Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden will surely be ideal destinations for those who would like to experience a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere with verdant nature during the summer season.

At these facilities, a fun riddle-solving game “Fairy’s cantabile (singing)” is taking place now. It would undeniably be  a great choice to indulge in the fun while avoiding the summer heat and taking in the refreshing Rokko air.

【Riddle-solving game “Fairy’s cantabile (singing)” 】

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

This game is based on a fairy tale about fairies that live in Mt. Rokko. Various riddles related to the tale are hidden inside the ROKKO MORINONE Museum. Let’s figure out the hidden clues, come up with creative ideas, and complete the game!

There is a museum in the forest of Mt. Rokko that’s inhabited by fairies. One day, the fairies were planning to hold a music concert at the museum. But suddenly a severe storm hit the forest, causing the fairies to lose their instruments along with their memories. In order for them to hold a successful concert, they will need to get their memories and instruments back by any means possible. You are their only hope! Collaborate with them and your companions to solve this critical issue! You can do it!

More information about the game↓

First, purchase the instruction booklets (the photo shown below) at the reception on the first floor of the Morinone hall.

Read these booklets and use LINE (smartphone app.) to solve mysteries!
Also, check out a variety of music and nature related exhibits and events while exploring the museum for the game!

Stop by the third floor of the hall and learn about the history of the music box with their valuable collection!

A daily live concert performed by mechanical music instruments takes place on the second floor of the hall.

In addition, don’t miss out on the SIKI Garden Concert held on Sundays until October.
Related topic is below↓

“SIKI Dome” is a 360-degree transparent dome room.
This unique concept will make you feel as if you were at an outdoor location when you are inside the dome.
Detailed info↓ (Japanese)

Along with your friends or family members, let’s feel a sense of excitement and accomplishment while and after solving the riddles.

Bonus Stage

As a bonus stage, you can also enjoy the game at Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden adjacent to the museum.

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden is a rock garden that offers visitors diverse alpine plants. The Garden cultivates approximately 1,500 different kinds of plants in almost the same environment as where wild alpine plants grow naturally.

The best season for “Nikko Kisuge (Broad dwarf day lily)”

The hammock café event is scheduled on weekends and holidays.
Unwind yourself at the hammock café under the shade in the forest with a relaxing atmosphere.
Check out the detailed schedule↓ (Japanese)

If you haven’t decided your summer vacation plans yet, why not go visit the Mt. Rokko area? ROKKO MORINONE Museum and Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden will be sure to meet your expectations.

【Riddle-solving game “Fairy’s cantabile (singing)”】
Event period: until March 31st (Fri.), 2023
Event info: (Japanese)

Facility Information:
ROKKO MORINONE (Forest sound) Museum
Address: 4512-145 Kitarokko Rokko-cho Nada-ku Kobe
Tel: 078-891-1284
Visitor’s guide:

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
Address: 4512-150 Kitarokko Rokko-cho Nada-ku Kobe
Tel: 078-891-1247
Visitor’s guide:

Mt. Rokko & Mt. Maya Event Information:
■ Brand-new! “Tree house”
A tree house was newly established on July 16th (Sat.) as a commemoration of the first anniversary of the renovation of the ROKKO MORINONE Museum!

The house was built on the chestnut tree in the SIKI Garden

■ First anniversary event 【SIKI Garden Festival】
A special event will take place in accordance with the opening of the Tree house at the SIKI Garden.
Event period: July 16th (Sat.)-July 18th (Mon. National holiday)