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Shimobashira (Collinsonia japonica) Exhibition In Kobe Municipal Arboretum


Kobe Municipal Arboretum is an ideal facility where visitors can appreciate beautiful plants of four seasons throughout the year. In Kobe, February is known as one of the coldest months and it’s the period when needle ice may form. Needle ice is usually formed only in the very cold morning. Shimobashira (Collinsonia japonica / a.k.a. ice flower) is a plant that creates needle ice on its withered stems.” This phenomenon is undeniably mesmerizing and it’s often described as an amazing ice sculpture like art that resembles traditional Japanese candy art called “Amezaiku”.

The Shimobashira exhibition has been held in Kobe Municipal Arboretum. Shimobashira-related photos are displayed in the venue. Come and experience its winter-limited mystical botanical art.

【5th Shimobashira exhibition in Kobe Municipal Arboretum】 (English)
Period: ~March 19th (Sun.)
Venue: Shinrin exhibition hall (2nd floor)

Near the main gate, a special shimobashira (needle ice) spot is prepared.
If conditions are right (permit), you may be able to observe the shimobashira (needle ice) formation from the second half of December to the first half of February in the Arboretum.

(Provided by: Kobe Municipal Arboretum)
This shimobashira photo was taken at the beginning of February. As shimobashira is only formed in very cold conditions, please visit the arboretum as early as possible in the morning!

In addition to the exhibition, more spots and events will never bore you will keep you entertained.

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“Find your favorite hydrangeas while enjoying forest bathing!” (English)

The Rock Garden, which is located behind Forest café “Le pic”, exclusively offers rare flowers.

【Rock Garden】

Baikaouren (Coptis quinquefolia Miq)
Tiny white flowers, which look similar to plum flowers, bloom between January and March.

Setsubun-so (Eranthis pinnatifida)
The plant sprouts at the beginning of spring and the flower blooms at around the beginning of February.

Kobe Municipal Arboretum Map (Japanese)

【Forest of international friendship】
Seattle (USA) is a sister city of the port city “Kobe”.
This huge area was established as the commemoration of the friendship city tie-up.
<Forest of Seattle>

A big totem pole is showing its presence in the sunny and spacious lawn square.

The square is surrounded by tall sequoia sempervirens trees.

<Tenshin no mori forest>

A wintersweet flower is characterized by its reddish-purple color in the center of the flower.

「Shison wintersweet」
Take delight in the pleasant yellow color and a sweet aroma reminiscent of a Japanese Ume plum flower!

Many kinds of plants are grown in the huge property of the arboretum. If you would like to learn about the plants while strolling in the park, the arboretum stroll tour is recommended.

Arboretum stroll tour (accompanied by a guide)
Held on: Sunday and national holiday
Time schedule: 10:30 am~, 1:30 pm
Reservation: in front of the exhibition hall (on the tour day)

【Information about the tour from March 5th to April 9th】

It would also be a good idea to take a detour, sit on the bench, and feel relaxed during the tour.

Forest café and variety shop “Le Pic” offers a great selection of Kobe’s local souvenirs and variety goods that use the forest as a motif.

【Forest café and variety shop “Le Pic” winter schedule】

Forest café “Le Pic”

Check out their meals and drinks that are made with fresh dairy products from Yuge farm!
Lunch hour: 10:30 am~2:30 pm
Café hour: 2:30 pm~

Fromage frais (creamy fresh cheese) & raspberry jam sandwich 500 yen (with drink +400 yen)

Haruki-sai (Spring celebration festival)

Period: until March 28th (Tuesday)
A variety of events are scheduled including the arboretum stroll tour.

Let’s play together in the forest! “Forest exploring quiz!”
It’s one of the events in the spring festival. Enjoy answering questions related to plants while exploring the forest!
The arboretum’s original postcard will be given to all participants!

Under Mt. Rokko’s fresh air with beautiful nature, Kobe Municipal Arboretum will surely provide all of you with special memories. Why not hit the road now and find winter-limited plants together?

The shuttle bus service is a very affordable and convenient way to access the arboretum.

【Facility Information】
Kobe Municipal Arboretum

1-2 Kamitanigami aza Nagao Yamada-cho Kita-ku, Kobe