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Mountain Hike in Shin-Kobe
~Let’s explore the area and find elegant autumn leaves! ~


Along with refreshing winds, the leaves on Mt. Rokko are beginning to turn red. This is autumn’s subtle way of showing us the best season for fall foliage viewing is right around the corner.

The area around JR Line Shin-Kobe Station is known as the starting point for the Kobe trip. Nunobiki Waterfalls (one of the greatest “divine falls” in Japan) and Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens (Over 200 kinds of herbs are grown.) are situated in the vicinity of the area. Also, a number of hikers gather at Shin-Kobe as the gate of Mt. Rokko and walk through the area.

Shin-Kobe is conveniently located in the center of Kobe. It’s just one stop away from Sannomiya Station (Kobe municipal subway) or about a 15-minute walk from Sannomiya station (JR, Hankyu, or Hanshin Line).
In JR Shin-Kobe Station, JR Nishinihon (operating company of Shinkansen / Japanese bullet train) collaborated with Kojitsu Sanso (Japan’s major mountain climbing and outdoor goods store) and has been holding Mt. Rokko-related event, promoting the charm of mountain hikes in the Mt. Rokko area.

On the 2nd floor of the Station, you’ll be greeted by mountain hike-linked displays.

A panel about Mt. Rokko’s history is also exhibited.

Please obtain Mt. Rokko’s hiking information from the poster and flyer which are very useful for beginners.
The flyer includes 3 route maps, a basic instruction for safe hiking such as important manners and preferred gear.

Three Routes
■Refreshing! Nunobiki Waterfall
■Dazzling! Ten-million-dollar night view from Mt. Maya (Ueno Michi route)
■Kobe’s landmark! Mt. Shisho and Mt. Ikari

More information about the mountain hike is below↓ (Japanese)

Recommended Hiking Spots in Autumn (around the Shin-Kobe area)

“Shin-Kobe→Nunobiki Waterfalls→Ichigahara→Tairyuji Temple→Futatabi Park”
The well-arranged walking path in this route will makes all beginners feel secure and make the hike more enjoyable.
Duration: about an hour and 40 mins

First off, let’s head to the Nunobiki Waterfalls!

A 15minute-hike from Shin-Kobe Station will take you to the Ontaki Water fall.

Take a deep breath and feel nature! Negative ions are abundant around the waterfalls. It’s popular as one of the best spots for tourists as well as hikers.

This route is safe and fun for family members especially with small children.

Let’s move on to the next location!

Nunobiki Reservoir
It was proudly selected as one of the best of 100 great reservoirs in Japan. Take a seat here and unwind for a while.

Along the way, check out the sign board to reach Ichigahara

Enjoy hiking at your own pace.

You’ve arrived at the Ichigahara riverside. It’s an ideal spot for kids to play in the river.

Walk on the Taishi Michi road, which is associated with Kobo Daishi (historic Japanese Buddhist monk), toward Taiyuji temple. Soon the bright green leaves along the path will turn an elegant red.

Pilgrimage road of the Tairyuji Temple
It’s regarded as a place of origin of a Japanese custom “Mainichi Tozan (daily mountain hike)”.

“Futatabi Park Shiogahara Pond”

Futatabi Park Shiogahara Pond is the first municipal park which was designated as a “Place of Scenic Beauty of Japan”.

As tables and benches are dotted around the Shiogahara pond, sit back and loosen yourself up in this relaxing atmosphere.

Café “Re encounter”
Once a boathouse, this place was renovated into a to-go café in 2019.

And now, it has turned into a popular café for hikers.

Organic coffee and homemade scone (dried strawberry and chocolate chips)
Scone combo: from 600 yen

The autumn leaf viewing season is almost here. Why not put on your favorite mountain gear, hike to the destination, and feel a sense of accomplishment? Let’s hit the road!

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway
On the way back to Shin-Kobe, the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens is a great spot to take a short detour. Let’s head to Nunobiki Ropeway “Herb En Sancho Station while savoring a variety of herbs at the Kaze No Oka Glass Field located near Kaze No Oka Chuo Station. It will be a wonderful choice to take the ropeway to get to Herb En Sanroku Station which is close to Shin-Kobe Station.

Source: Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway

Kojitsu Sanso x JR Nishinihon  JR Shin-Kobe Station Special Exhibits / Displays (Japanese)
Event period: ~October 31st (Mon.)
Venue: 1st & 2nd floor of JR Shin-Kobe Station
(*150 yen (station entrance fee) is needed to see some of the displays on the 2nd floor.)

■Outdoor Event Information■

A hiking and trekking-related event will take place at a communication spot “&3 PARK” which is directly connected to JR Sannomiya Station. Come and have an outdoor experience right in front of the Sannomiya Station!
Event period: November 18th (Fri.) – 23rd (Wed.)