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GREENIA Summer Adventure!
~ Wonder Cool SUMMER ~


Mt. Rokko is regarded as one of the best summer retreats in Kobe. A variety of fun and enjoyable events around the Mt. Rokko area are scheduled for this summer vacation season. The events will undoubtedly make your summer very special.

Mt. Rokko’s outdoor adventure park “GREENIA” upgraded its water-side attractions and now proudly offers various cool experiences for the first time in GREENIA’s history. The tagline of GREENIA this summer is “Wonder Cool SUMMER”. Come and feel Mt. Rokko’s cool summer by trying its water-side attractions!

Today, we will show you the summer highlights of GREENIA which will celebrate the third anniversary this year!
The “wonder amembo (waterside attraction)” area was innovated by creating 4 new attractions this March.

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Walk through the stretch road to get to the obstacle course areas!
The life-size cutouts of the famous Japanese YouTuber “Fishcher’s”, who has been supervising the 4 areas out of 7 at GREENIA, will welcome your visit. Check out their stretching poses on your way to the attractions and warm yourself up for the adventure!

GREENIA Adventure Map (Japanese)

The wonder amembo waterside attractions are available only for those older than primary school students’ age plus those taller than 110cm.

Why not put on swimsuits and try the attractions without any anxieties about getting wet! Enjoy a cool summer at the wonder amembo area!

No.18 “Dosukoi Battle”
Let’s have a hand-pushing sumo fight on a 1.2m in diameter sumo ring! The loser will be pushed out of the ring and fall into the water! Do you want to take part in the battle or just see the battle as a spectator? Either way is going to be fun for sure!

No.22 “Cliff Bouldering”
Colorful scaffolds are installed on an inclined transparent wall. (The angle is about 135~180 degrees.) Choose the scaffolds properly, hold the scaffolds tightly, move through the wall carefully, and approach the goal perfectly!

Discuss the strategy with friends, try over and over again and approach the goal!
Many more playful attractions in other areas are waiting for your challenge.
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In addition, more and more summer-related events are ready to entertain you at GREENIA!

【Wonder Cool SUMMER】
Snow Playground & Snowball Target-hitting Game Square
Period: on Saturdays and Sundays from July 22nd (Sat.) to August 27th (Sun.) and Obon holiday period from August 11th (Fri. / national holiday) to 15th (Sun.)
Fee: free

A 150-square meter artificial snow square has appeared in the lawn area of GREENIA.
This is the only location where you can play in the snow even in the summer season because Rokko Snow Park is open at the same location in the winter season and the same snow making technology is used for GREENIA. This is the privilege of Mt. Rokko! Play with your friends and family members and feel the cool summer together!

Snowball Target-hitting Game
Make nine of your own snowballs and hit the targets!

Focus on the target and throw a snowball!
(*Throwing snowballs is only allowed for this game.)

“Super soft shaved ice”
This would be the best item that cools you down after playing a lot in the hot summer.
Pick your favorite flavor from strawberry, mango and matcha green tea and enjoy its soft and cool texture!
Shop name: Green Leaf
Sales period: until August 31st
Price: 500 yen (tax included)

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Restaurant Alpine Rose

Their great selection is lined up. Take a seat, relax, and relish your favorite meal for a while.

We will share one of their recommendations with you.

Fishcher’s Lunch plate (served with a mini-sized dessert) 1,200 yen
The savory squid ink rice is shaped after the logo of the famous Japanese YouTuber “Fishcher’s”.
This hearty plate includes Mt. Rokko’s specialty lamb croquette, kids’ favorite hamburg steak and meat sauce spaghetti! As a dessert, yogurt, which is made with Rokko Sanroku milk, topped with seasonal fruit sauce is served.

Let’s take a hot summer adventure with your friends or family members! It will definitely be one of the most memorable moments this summer.

Facility Information
Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA
Address: 4512-98 Kitarokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe
TEL: 078-891-0366

ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) 2023  ROKKO MEETS ART beyond will take place!

ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) is a modern art festival that is held in the Kobe and Mt. Rokko area every autumn. The MEETS ART will mark the 14th anniversary this year, 2023 and it will be reborn as ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) 2023 beyond.

Event period: August 26th (Sat.) – November 23rd (Thu. / National holiday)
Event venue: ROKKO Morinone Museum. Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Rokko Garden Terrace, Rokko Cable Car (Rokko Cable Shita Station, Sancho Station, Tenrandai observatory) Trail area, Chapel of the Wind area, Rokko-Arima Ropeway (Rokko Sancho Station), Mt. Rokko Visitor Center (Memorial Monument), Rokkosan Silence Resort (formerly known as Rokkosan Hotel)

Source: (official website)


Mt. Rokko & Mt. Maya Event Information

The 5th Nature observation seminar “Summer Forest Walk” Part2
Date: August 12th (Sun)
Place: Kobe Municipal Arboretum

Source: Kobe Municipal Arboretum