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【Arima Onsen Mountain-bike Rogaining 2022 Spring】 A new-style orienteering venture that exclusively offers cycling and Onsen experience!


Spring has come to Mt. Rokko and the Arima area! Arima Onsen is one of the oldest and most popular hot spring spots in Japan. Predominantly in the spring season, visitors are fascinated by the local weeping cherry blossoms (“Shidare zakura” in Japanese.)
The Arima Onsen is conveniently accessible. It only takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the Arima Onsen station from downtown Kobe by train.
If you would like to enjoy riding a bicycle, exploring the area, and relaxing at the Onsen hot spring, this mountain-bike rogaining service would be the best choice!

■Mountain-bike rogaining■
First, visit the Cycling Café “Casa Ciclismo” to sign up for it. (Reservation is recommended.)
Casa Ciclismo, which is located behind the Kin no Yu Onsen, is the starting point for the mountain-bike regaining.

Take the stairs on the right side to the reception counter (the first floor of the café). 
After receiving a detailed explanation from their staff member, please fill out the application and consent forms. Currently they have been offering 6 mountain-bike rogaining routes, ranging from beginners to advanced. Select your favorite route depending on your level and purpose.

More information about the routes is below↓ (Japanese)

Download their original application “Ride with GPS” to your smartphone! This app will certainly aid your navigation.

Detailed information about the app is below↓ (Japanese)

Their rental electric mountain bike will be your best buddy especially for beginners. 
Before your departure, the staff member will politely and meticulously give you instructions for your route, including how to ride the mountain-bike and how to work the app.

Are you all set? Let’s hit the road!

Arima Onsen excursion routeapprox. 5.7km
<Arima Onsen – Tsutsumigataki Waterfall – Zuihoji Park – Arima Onsen>
This route is appropriate for beginners or those who will visit Arima Onsen for the first time. Enjoy cycling around the area to find your favorite spots.
Route map (Source: Tour de ARIMA
Compared to hiking, the electric mountain-bike ride will make it way easier to visit Arima’s popular locations such as Tsutsumigataki Waterfall and Zuihoji Park which are dotted in the area.

You’ll feel a sense of security and delight even while riding a rough road.

Please unwind for a while at Tsutsumigataki Waterfall.

Local trees and flowers will welcome your visit.

So refreshing!

After the rogaining, please return the bike to Casa Ciclismo.

If you completely finish your selected route, you will receive the token of completion like in the photo above.

■Onsen Experience■

During your rogaining, select one Onsen hot spring place from seven choices depending on your location, time, or favorite.
Present this ticket at the entrance counter of the facility.

< Arima Onsen Mountain-bike Rogaining affiliated Onsen facilities and their opening hours>
1: Kin no Yu (8 am – 9:30 pm)
2: Gin no Yu (9 am – 8 pm)
3: Negiya Ryofukaku (3:30 pm – 7 pm)
4: Tosen Goshobo (11:30 am – 2 pm)
5: Takayamaso Hanano (11:30 am – 2 pm)
6: Arima Royal Hotel (3:30 pm – 9 pm)

Onsen map (Source: Tour de ARIMA) (Japanese)

By the way, at the café section (the first floor of Casa Ciclismo as the base of this rogaining service), KICKR Indoor Cycling Smart Bikes are installed.

Please stop by and try a virtual reality experience of Arima Onsen Mountain-bike Rogaining from Arima Onsen to Mt. Rokko.
Price: 550 yen / 30 minutes

Also, don’t miss out on their food menu items!
LoG Sauce don Rice bowl 1,320 yen (the photo above)
(Seared braised pork rice bowl with soft-boiled egg and chopped green onions)

Arima Onsen Mountain-bike Rogaining 2022 Spring (Japanese)
Price: 2,200 yen (including the app “Ride with GPS”, detailed instructions, one Onsen ticket)

<Electric mountain bike rental>
2,750 yen / 2 hours
4,400 yen / 4 hours
4,950 yen / 8 hours
9,900 yen / up to 32 hours
*Mandatory bicycle insurance is required as well.

< Gear / Accessories>
Helmet rental 550 yen
Towel 55 yen
Arima Onsen Mountain-bike Rogaining signature towel 330 yen
Gloves 55 yen

Facility information:
【Casa Ciclismo】
Arima Onsen cycling café
1st floor 827 Arima-cho Kita-ku Kobe
Tel: 078-958-5670

Café section
Business hours: 10 am – 5 pm (Last call: 4:30 pm)
Closed on: Tuesdays
Parking lot for bicycles (500 yen / each)
*Ask the staff for more info about the parking.

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