Shin-Kobe area, the hottest spot in Kobe! Tradition, history, and amazing experiences of a wonderful nature. Part 2


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Full of exhibitions that stimulate your five senses through videos, sounds, wood scent, and hands-on displays.

The only museum of carpentry tools in Japan

Japanese traditional wooden architecture and carpentry tools that are essential for its building architecture are attracting attention from architects and media from all over the world. Aesthetic sense, mentality, and passion unique to the Japanese are internalized in these tools.



Entrance of the museum

However, due to recent advances in industrial tools such as automation or electrical devices, the number of blacksmiths who make carpentry tools as hand tools and carpenters who use these tools has been steadily declining year over year.



A full-scale model recreation of a tearoom

In this museum, approximately 1,000 items out of around 34,000 items that have been collected so far are on display. Also, large scale architectural models and hands-on exhibits will allow you to understand the courteous and fine soul of Japanese craftsmanship.



Awe-inspiring large architectural model up to the ceiling


2 Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens, a place where beautiful views of the entirety of Kobe city can be seen!



After departing the ropeway, relaxing herb gardens can be seen spread all over the fields. It is the perfect place to view Kobe’s entire cityscape alongside the sea.



Additionally, during the evening, the view from the gardens will change into a fantastic night view which brings out a wonderful and romantic atmosphere which is entirely different from the daytime view. Please come and experience fantastic and breathtaking views from the ropeway and Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens with your own eyes. It will assuredly become a great memory that you will never forget!


A night view from Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens


3 Nunobiki Waterfalls where legend and history come to life.


Water from the Nunobiki Waterfalls was well-known among sailors from olden times as sacred water that never spoiled with time.

The Nunobiki Waterfalls since ancient times has been regarded as one of Japan’s three most divine waterfalls along with Nachi Falls in Wakayama and Kegon Falls in Tochigi. (*Various theories and opinions exist.) Additionally, it is a scenic spot that has also been featured in the “100 Best Waterfalls in Japan” selection. Nunobiki Waterfalls is a collective term of all four waterfalls in the Nunobiki mountain stream, and they consist of Ontaki waterfall, Meotodaki waterfall, Tsutsumigadaki waterfall, and Mentaki waterfall in order from upstream downward. The Nunobiki Waterfalls were originally used as a training area for the mountaineering asceticism in the past. During the Heian period, the waterfalls were visited by nobles and tanka (traditional Japanese poem) poets with such frequency and were used often as the theme of many literary works. The famous “Ise monogatari” (The Tales of Ise) is included among these works. There are 36 poetry monuments on which historical and compelling poems like Ise monogatari are inscribed around the Nunobiki Waterfalls for people to view.



A long-established café and diner with a 100-year history. It’s located right above Ontaki fall and you can enjoy the dynamic view of the waterfall while dining.



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