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Oneday tour of beautiful Kobe by Kobe’s Beauties. Part 2


What first comes to mind when you hear of “Kobe”? Apart from its famed Kobe Beef, Kobe is a wonderful city that features unique contrasts between the sea and mountains and between tradition and innovation.

Part 1  


15:30 Meriken Pier


Meriken Pier

You’ll definitely enjoy feeling the fresh sea breeze while walking here.

Kobe port, which will celebrate its 150th anniversary next year, is where many ships come and go around the Meriken Pier every day. There is a park nearby the pier and it offers a peaceful atmosphere even in the center of the sophisticated cityscape. It’s the perfect location for strolling and jogging in the morning or evening.




17:00 Harborland area


The waterfront, which has the Kobe Port Tower, landmark of Kobe and other architectural wonders. You can fully enjoy “Port Town Kobe” with shopping or cruising in a hip atmosphere.



19:00 Washoku Rokko


If you’d like to enjoy the nightscape of Kobe, Washoku Rokko, a Japanese restaurant located on 18th floor of Culmeni building, would be definitely the right choice. Ocean side seats with the night view have pretty much always been fully reserved. You’ll be satisfied with delicious Japanese cuisine, Japanese sake and of course with the beautiful nightscape.

18F Culmeni bldg 1-5-7 Higashi-kawasaki cho Chuo-ku Kobe





Special Thanks

Presto belle 

Presto Belle, sponsor and judge of Miss Universe Hyogo contest is a Bridal salon located in front of Sannomiya Station. Offering total coordination from various Kimono and dresses (more than 400 sets), to hair-styling, makeup and photos. Wearing a beautiful Kimono will make your trip to Kobe even more memorable.

3F Casa Sannomiya bldg 4-2-6 Nunobiki-cho Chuo-ku Kobe