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The Night Museum ~Enjoy a night walk with fantastically illuminated artworks and autumn leaves~


The 12th ROKKO MEETS ART takes place throughout the Mt. Rokko area until November 23rd (Tues. / national holiday). This annual art festival would be the best opportunity to take delight in masterpieces of great artists while feeling Mt. Rokko’s rich nature. In addition, the special night exhibition for illuminated artworks called “Night Museum” is now in full swing. (It will be held until November 23rd (Tues. / national holiday))

During the night time, Mt. Rokko’s nature and artworks transform themselves into amazingly brilliant and appealing appearances created by exceptional lighting and music effects. It looks completely different from those in the daytime. Experience the night of Mt. Rokko with the Night Museum event to your heart’s content!* ROKKO MEETS ART 2021-related article is below↓

 The Night Museum

This night event is held as one of the Rokko Meets Art festival programs in autumn. In Japan, as autumn is widely known as the best season for seeing vivid autumn leaves and artworks, please don’t miss out on this rare chance to enjoy illuminated leaves and artworks in the mystical aura of Mt. Rokko!

Two main avenues of the night events are as below;
1: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
■Glow with Night Garden Project in Rokko, Lantern Parade Landscape 2021
2: ROKKO Forest Sound Museum
■Shining Smile Fruit in SIKI Garden

Official map:
Official map (Download link):

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

First off, the artwork that is used for the key visual of ROKKO MEETS ART 2021 is exhibited in Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden.
Venue info: (Japanese)■Glow with Night Garden Project in Rokko, Lantern Parade Landscape 2021 by Kyota TAKAHASHI
As the photos show, Japanese-style lanterns and lighting effects change their colors to the music, all participants and artworks naturally collaborate together, creating a fascinating and mystical atmosphere.

You can receive / return the lanterns at the left side of the west gate.The night version of the key visual artwork「The Little House」by Tomoko NAGAI

ROKKO Forest Sound Museum
A 3-minute walk from the west gate of Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
Venue Info: (Japanese)
The illuminated artworks of the Night Museum event are giving off flamboyant yet somewhat nostalgic ambiences all over the venues.

■Shining Smile Fruit in SIKI Garden by Kyota TAKAHASHI
At the SIKI Garden, which is inside the ROKKO Forest Sound Museum, approximately 3,000 illustrations with fruit-like lighting are attached to the trees. The concept of the illustration is “Someone’s smile that makes me smile.”

Rokko Garden Terrace area
At Rokko Garden Terrace area, you will be able to enjoy more artworks and Mt. Rokko’s dazzling ten-million-night view. It’s well-worth visiting!

Official map:
Official map (Download link):

Rokko Garden TerraceRokko-Shidare Observatory
【Illuminated artworks】
4 artworks from the Rokko Meets Art, which are displayed at the area, are illuminated. The photo below is one of the artworks.
 Biodiversity Symbol by Natsuki KATSUKAWA
This artwork shows its brilliant and sensitive appearance with two different background views. One is the daytime view of Kobe and the other is Kobe’s ten-million-night view.

【Special exhibition】
Lightscape in Rokko” ~Autumn edition~ “Autumn Dusk”
 The Rokko-Shidare Observatory exudes its very unique and strong presence at the Rokko Garden Terrace area. This artwork is created with a very special LED lighting system that enables to radiate over ten million colors and express a natural light-like art world. Directed by Masayuki Fushimi.

Night market with bonfire on Mt. Rokko
Also, a brand-new event “Night market with bonfire on Mt. Rokko” akes place in the same period as the Rokko Meets Art.

【Bonfire x Video footage (ROKKO Forest Sound Museum) 】
Around the Forest Rose Garden inside the SIKI Garden at the museum, three bonfire spots are prepared for visitors. Next to those spots, multiple video footage produced by various artists will be shown.

【Bonfire x Local food (Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden) 】
At the parking lot of the west gate of Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, a food stand section called “Gourmet area” is organized. Enjoy Kobe’s local food while warming yourself around the bonfires!

【Bonfire x Live music (Rokko Garden Terrace)】
 The bonfire and outdoor concert venue are set up in front of the Miharashi No To observation deck.
*In the event of rain, the concert venue will change (indoor).
Daisuke INAOKA (Hammer dulcimer player) live concert at Rokko View Palace. (*Performed on October16th)

On the autumn night, please unwind for a while while experiencing these artistic Mt. Rokko-esque events. The events will take place until November 23rd (Tue. / national holiday) *The same period as the Rokko Meets Art festival

General Information
The Night Museum

Event venues: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, ROKKO Forest Sound Museum, the Rokko Garden Terrace area
Event period: October 16th (Sat.), 17th (Sun.), 23rd (Sat.), 24th (Sun.), 30th (Sat.), 31st (Sun.),
November 1st (Mon.) – 23rd (Tue. / national holiday)
Open hours: Mon.- Fri. 5 pm – 6:30 pm (Last admission: 6 pm), Sat., Sun., and national holiday 5 pm – 8 pm (Last admission: 7:30 pm)
*The Rokko Garden Terrace area: closed at 9 pm, Rokko-Shidare Observatory: closed at 9 pm (Last admission:8:30 pm)

■ Night market with bonfire on Mt. Rokko
Venue: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Rokko Forest Sound Museum, the Rokko Garden Terrace area
Event period: Every Saturday and national holiday from October 16th (Sat.) to November 23rd
Opening hours: 4 pm – 7 pm (*Please check out the website about further information.)
*The event will be canceled in case of rain.

Ticket Information
In order to enter Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Rokko Forest Sound Museum, and Rokko-Shidare Observatory, the Rokko Meets Art exhibition pass or admission fee for each facility is required.

Rokko Meets Art 2021 exhibition pass: Adult 2,500 yen, Child 1,000 yen (Japanese)

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden: Adult 700 yen, Child 350 yen

Rokko Forest Sound Museum: Adult 1,300 yen, Child 600 yen
*The combo ticket for Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden and Rokko Forest Sound Museum are recommended.

Rokko-Shidare Observatory: Adult 310 yen, Child 210 yen