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Special Outdoor Adventurous Event! Mt. Rokko Dragon God Stories (Episode 1) THE EXPLORER OF ROKKO MOUNTAINS


If you would like to experience something unique and fun in Mt. Rokko, Mt. Maya, and the Arima Onsen hot spring area, why not take part in a special outdoor mystery-solving event? It’s named “Rokko Ryujin Densho (Mt. Rokko Dragon God Stories) ~THE EXPLORER OF ROKKO MOUNTAINS EPISODE 1~”.
Under Mt. Rokko’s beautiful and abundant nature, explore new worlds, seek out hints and solve the mysteries! Boldly go where no one has gone before!
All participants who completely solve the mysteries can receive the original designed online token. On top of that, among them, 10 people chosen by lot will get a Mt. Rokko related special gift selection! Let’s hit the road!

Check out the detailed information↓ (Japanese) (Japanese)

To begin this adventurous game, first, go get the instruction leaflet, maps, tickets, and a lucky amulet at the official shops.

【Event Period】
Until March 31st, 2021

【Information for the instruction leaflet】
1,600 yen (Middle school student age and older), 800 yen (Primary school student age and younger)
1: Maya Viewline Maya Cable Station
(Closed on Tuesdays, Temporary suspension of operation Jan. 12th-March 5th)
2: Rokko Maya Ropeway Arima Onsen Station
(Temporary suspension of operation Feb. 12th-March 5th)
3: monte 702
 (Closed on Tuesdays, Temporary suspension of operation Jan. 12th-March 5th)
*If a national holiday falls on Tuesday, closed on the following day.
4: Nishinada Bunka Kaikan (Nishinada Cultural Hall)
(10 am-5 pm Closed on Saturdays and Sundays)
*Located in the Nada Chuo-suji Shotengai Shopping Street

Nishinada Bunka Kaikan (Nishinada Cultural Hall) 

Instruction leaflet, maps, tickets, lucky amulet

Check out the detailed information↓ (Japanese) (Japanese)

One of the best things about this outdoor event is that you can select your favorite routes and approaching ways like trekking, bus, ropeway, cable car and more depending on your schedule.

【Recommended Route & Spots】
Maya Viewline Maya Cable Station
(Closed on Tuesdays, Temporary suspension of operation Jan. 12th-March 5th)
As the station and the cable operation are currently suspended due to the periodic inspection, we picked The Ueno-michi Trail to trek to the top of Mt. Maya. The trail is located right on the west side of the station.

The distance between the entrance of the Ueno-michi Trail and the mountaintop of Mt. Maya is about 2.7km and the duration is about 2hours by trekking.

Recommended spots en route to the mountaintop
Observation deck

Niomon gate

Climb up long and steep stairs. An amazing view from the top of the stairs will surely soothe your mind. 

Mayasan Shiseki Koen (Mayasan Historical Park)

It’s very relaxing.

Arrived at the Kikuseidai (the mountaintop)

Recommended spot at Kikuseidai
Loosen up while enjoying a wonderfully beautiful panoramic view from your table.
CAFE702’s best-selling “chicken curry and rice” is second to none for sure. 10 kinds of special spices,
seasonings, and coconut milk will definitely bring out the best flavor of their curry. It’s a must-try item!
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After leaving Kikuseidai, we moved towards the next location via the Rokko traverse route.

Recommended spots en route
Maya no Ishibutai observatory (Sign stone) 

Mayasan Tenjoji Temple

Ameyu (Sweet hot ginger tea served at Mayasan Tenjoji Temple)

Hodakako (Lake Hodaka)

S__9126129The surface of the lake was frozen. It looked so surreal.
A 20 minute-walk from Hodakako will take us to Rokkosan Pasture.

Recommended spot at the Rokkosan Pasture
Bakery and cafe 「Del Papa」
Left: Rokkosan camembert cheese fondue-style bread
310 yen (tax included)
Right: Rokkosan camembert cheese and three kinds of ham sandwich
690 yen / for here, 680 yen / to go (tax included)
*The price may change depending on the season.

Let’s jump on the bus to the next destination.

Rokko Cable Rokko Sanjo Station

Tenrandai (Tenran Observatory)

Head to the next spot!

Rokko Garden Terrace

Rokko-Shidare Observatory on the hill

Take Rokko-Arima Ropeway to the Arima Onsen area!

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IMG_1479 Feel free to stroll around this tranquil, classic town! The entire atmosphere will make you feel very relaxed.

Recommended Spot in Arima Onsen
Kin no Yu spa (hot spring)
Information about Kin no Yu↓

Right in front of the entrance, a foot spa spot is prepared for visitors. The uniqueness of the Kin no Yu is the color of the spring water. It’s commonly called “Kinsen” (“gold hot spring” in Japanese). The color is a gold-like reddish brown and Kinsen contains high levels of iron. 

Swing by Arima Senbei Honpo (Arima cracker main store)

P1170211Arima Onsen’s specialty「Tansan senbei cracker」It’s one of the best items for your souvenir. (Japanese)

Choose your own way to enjoy this adventurous mystery-solving event! The dragon god of Mt. Rokko is waiting for you to accept the challenge!