5 different shops where you can discover exquisite stuffed bread and sandwiches!


Kobe – A town brimming with bakeries
This time, we’ll recommend bakeries focusing on stuffed bread and sandwiches!

First up, located in the Kobe Municipal Subway Kenchomae Station’s south side is
Pane Ho Maretta

This shop has at least over 100 types of bread lined up.
Combinations of rare ingredients and flavors that can only be eaten here are abundant.
Also replete with sandwich items, it’s a great spot for lunch!
Detailed information about the shop can be found here!

Next up, located in Motomachi’s back alley is

A hole-in-the-wall bakery staffed by female employees.
It’s filled with hard-crusted bread varieties and the baskets where you can enjoy the fragrant smell of wheat are superb.
Without a doubt your aches and pains will fade away.
Detailed information about the shop can be found here!

Not only bakeries, but even shops specializing in meat!

Nick. is a butcher shop in Nakayamate-dori very particular about its ingredients.
Their top recommendation is the fabulously delicious cutlet sandwich made by the meat shop.
This sandwich made with thick-cut roast beef cutlet drenched in specially crafted sauce is hugely popular.
There’s space in the shop to sit down and have your meal so you can savor the luxurious feeling. Also a great gift option.
Detailed information about the shop can be found here!

In the same way, not a bakery, but the sandwiches are superb
Tor Road Delicatessen

A long-standing deli of daily household dishes established in 1949. You can also eat sandwiches on the 2ndfloor café.
It seems there are also many customers who purchase the ingredients they liked on the 1stfloor.
Additionally, these sandwiches are famous as those loved by Haruki Murakami, a famous Japanese writer, during his time attending a Kobe high school.
You can also make your order to-go.
Detailed information about the shop can be found here!

The final one we will introduce is
Sandwich Shop San (3)

As the name suggests, it’s a sandwich specialty shop.
There were locations in Kitano and Otsunaka-dori, but the latter will move and in February 2019 is planned to open near the Sannomiya Tokyu Hands department store.
The sandwiches here are known for their soft and fluffy white bread. With its crunchy exterior, the mouthfeel is to die for.
Detailed information about the shop can be found here!

We’ve introduced some of Kobe’s stuffed bread and sandwich shops above.
Definitely do find a shop you like!