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Mt. Rokko & Mt. Maya ~Best Facilities for creative work with a relaxing ambience~ ROKKONOMAD [shared office space with accommodation in a forest] Work702 [outdoor workspace]


(Source:Mt. MAYA Outdoor Office (Japanese))

Remote work has already been very common in Japan as well as overseas. Over the last couple of years, a new style of remote work has become popular. It’s called workation. Workation is a vacation in a relaxing location like a resort island.

Kobe is well-known as a city with easy access to both beautiful mountains and the sea. This unrivaled accessibility and rich nature are the best environment for a workation. On Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya, unique and comfortable facilities related to shared offices and shared workspaces have been opened one after another. If you are stuck in a rut at work, why not get out of your monotonous work environment in the city and head to the mountains? Unwind yourself, reset your mindset, and do your creative work!
Access info to Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya is below↓

On March 26th, 2021, ROKKONOMAD was newly opened inside the peaceful and tranquil forest on the mountaintop. ROKKONOMAD was amazingly renovated from a local company’s recreation facility. It offers shared office spaces and accommodation for those who would like to create new business opportunities and innovations by using Mt. Rokko’s ideal work environment with fantastic nature. This concept is called “Rokko Smart City Plan” and based on the plan, ROKKONOMAD was born as a business interaction facility.

As ROKKONOMAD is conveniently located, it only takes 30~60 minutes to get there from downtown Kobe by car.
If you take the Rokko cable car, you can easily walk to ROKKONOMAD from Rokko Sanjo Station (About 12 minutes).

Walking route map
From the exit of the station, walk straight to the right until you find the signboard “To Kinki shizen-hodo (Kinki natural walking trail)”. Go along the walking trail for several minutes and you will hit a paved road. ROKKONOMAD is situated on the right side of the road.

After you go through a parking lot, a classic wooden house will appear in the forest.

Make your way to the back of the house and head up the stairs to the wooden deck, a wonderful panoramic ocean view of Kobe will unfold before your eyes.

ROKKONOMAD is encircled by lush gardens and the exterior looks like a cozy villa. Inside the facility, not only the relaxing interior, but all necessary equipment for remote work is fully installed that includes the high-speed internet system. ROKKONOMAD serves you an ideal office environment which is well organized like a normal office in a city.

Facility MAP

Shared workspace
The comfortable interior design with the spacious room arrangement gives you an incredibly serene atmosphere as if you were relaxing in nature. It’s the best place to focus on working creatively.

On top of that, a magnificent natural landscape from the window, that you hardly ever experience at your regular office, will undoubtedly make you come up with a variety of ideas which are more innovative and productive than usual. Get away from a bustling city and unwind your mind on the top of Mt. Rokko.

As a booth is prepared for online meetings or phone calls, you don’t have to interrupt others around you.

This is a meeting room. Indispensable items such as a large monitor and whiteboard are ready for your offline and online meetings.

If you would like to work alone and need a quieter place, this independent room would be one of the best choices.
(*Additional fee is required.)

When you take a break, please swing by this socializing space. The interior design shows a lot of playfulness and creativity. Sit back, relax, and enjoy interacting with other guests for a while. You might be able to get new and imaginative ideas.

At lunch time, a Japanese-style special curry and rice is served here. The fresh vegetables used as ingredients are from Kobe’s local farms. It’s well-worth trying. (*Reservation is needed.) If you like it, please head to the “FARMERS MARKET” at Higashi Yuenchi Park to take a look at Kobe’s local food products including vegetables. The market takes place on Saturday morning weekly. The city of Kobe is positively promoting local food production and consumption.




【Forest Cottage】
There are two comfy and spacious cottages in the property. As both of them were fully renovated and kitchens are also installed, what do you say to staying for a couple of days or a week, enjoying working and cooking with your co-workers or project members? Furthermore, outside the cottages, a BBQ spot is ready to entertain you and build up your relationship. The two cottages can accommodate up to 9 people.

【Shared Bedroom】
If you would like to stay here at affordable prices, this shared bedroom is recommended. (*The room is separated by gender.) The residence bedroom for long-stay guests is organized as well. The interior design and art display of the shared bedroom are inspired by the Scandinavian style which is harmonized with the beautiful nature. It will surely soothe your body and soul.

Without doubt, the ROKKONOMAD’s perfect work environment will meet your expectations along with your great outcomes.

ROKKONOMAD is a member-only workspace. In order to become a member, please make a reservation to visit ROKKONOMAD and meet their staff members. They will show you the facility and explain to you the details. If you are interested in their membership, it would probably be a great idea to use their one-day trial service (2,200 yen including tax per day) to experience ROKKONOMAD before making a final decision.
(*For your reservation, go to the website, follow the procedure and register your email address first.)
Official website:

During the grand-opening period of ROKKONOMAD, various fun events will be held in the area such as “HIKE&SWAP” and “*OPEN DAY”(free ROKKONOMAD tour).
*OPEN DAY is only held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays of May.

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Go check out more information about events↓
ROKKONOMAD official website:
“OPEN DAY” (information): (Japanese)
“OPEN DAY” (reservation): (Japanese)
Official Facebook:

Mt. Maya Kikuseidai [outdoor workspace Work702]
In the Mt. Maya Kikuseidai area, a unique and fun project “outdoor workspace Work702” has currently been underway. The main concept is “Ideal workspace harmonized with a lot of bliss from Mt. Maya’s beautiful nature”.
Mt. Maya is well-known as a leisure area, however, a newly-born possibility “Workspace on the mountaintop” will provide you with another great opportunity to visit Kikuseidai. Let’s indulge in your work supported by their widely-covered internet systems. Under the amazing sky of Mt. Maya, be positive, be creative, and be happy at work!

Coworking space
The entire area of Kikuseidai can be a huge coworking space. Choose your favorite spot to work so that you can completely maintain your social distancing with others. The exclusive high-speed internet is provided, of course. As necessary items for work like chairs, tables, tents are prepared for rent, you don’t have to carry many of your belongings on your way here. Whenever you would like to focus on your work or study, pick up your laptop and just come on over!

Outdoor office space
If you need to have a meeting with your co-workers or even with your important clients, this outdoor office space will create a refreshing atmosphere and help all of you come up with more ideas compared with a regular meeting room. Breathe fresh and clean air deeply first, and then exchange your opinions! Your meeting will be more productive for real! In addition, you can use the same space for a BBQ. It would be very nice if you have a BBQ dinner after a meeting with your co-workers or clients to build a strong partnership under the stars with a jewel-like night view of Kobe.

Fun workation-related programs and events
In the Mt. Maya area, a wide variety of citizen participation programs and events take place every day. They are called “Maya Katsu”. The Maya Katsu offers yoga or standing meditation that will relieve your fatigue and stress from work. Also, fun programs for kids like nature observation and outdoor activity are lined up. Please check out the cute designed monthly calendar “Maya Goyomi.”

Download link of Maya Goyomi calendar↓ (Japanese)

Cafe702 (Maya view terrace)
If you would like to find something to eat and drink, stop by cafe702 on the second floor of the Maya ropeway Hoshi no Eki Station. Both eat-in and to go are available. Inside the café, an uncountable number of books on the huge bookshelf might surprise you. Select and enjoy your favorite book while taking a break from work. A BBQ dinner service is also available in the evening at Maya view terrace (right next to cafe702) .
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Information about coworking space and outdoor office space
■Coworking space plan (per person)
Opening hours: 11am-5pm
Basic service: battery, chair, internet connection (Wi-Fi)
Price: 1,000 yen /day (one ticket), 5,000 yen (6 tickets)
■Outdoor office plan (up to 20 people)
Opening hours: 11pm-4pm (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday), 11am-5pm (Friday)
Basic service: 1 tarp tent, 2 tables, 8 chairs, power cable, internet connection (Wi-Fi)
Price: 10,000 yen / 3 hours (*Installation time is included)

Go to Work 702’s official website to see more detailed information about workation-related programs and proceed to the Maka Katsu booking website to make a reservation. The booking website is linked from the Work 702’s official website.
Official website: (Japanese)

Facility Information
Address: 1878-48 Nishitaniyama, Rokkosan-Cho, Nada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo (Zip code: 657-0101)
Opening hours:9:30am-7:30pm
Closed on: Sundays
*Please make sure to make a reservation before your visit.
Official website:
Access info:

■Outdoor workspace Work702
Address: 2-2 Mayasan-Cho, Nada-ku, Kobe City, Hygo (Mt. Maya Kikuseidai) (Zip code: 657-0105)
Phone: 078-802-3133 (10am-5pm weekday only)
Access info: (Kobe municipal bus) (Maya Viewline)
Official website: (Japanese)