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Rokko Snow Park ~Under the clear blue sky, feel the beautiful winter white snow and super fresh air!~


It’s the middle of the winter season and February is widely known as one of the coldest months in the Kobe area. This February is especially colder than usual. That means that it’s absolutely the best time to get out of stuffy and crowded indoor places and play in the snow! Here in the Rokko Snow Park, you can enjoy various winter sports and fun activities. Come and give them a try! You will surely get captivated by the charm of the beautiful white snow under the clear blue sky and super fresh air.

The Rokko Snow Park is easily accessible from the Kobe area (approx. 35mins by car) and the central Osaka area (approx. 60mins by car). Even if you use public transportation, you can get here in about 45mins from the nearest train stations (JR Rokkomichi station, Hankyu Rokko station, or Hanshin Mikage station).
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The Snow Park is open daily until March 9th, 2021 (Tuesday)
【Opening hours】
Daytime: 9 am-5 pm (Monday-Friday)
Daytime and Night time: 9 am-10 pm (Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday)
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The entrance of the Rokko Snow Park
Amid the coronavirus situation, as all their staff members have been strictly taking protective measures against the spread, you will feel secure to enjoy playing in the entire park.

Rental gear shop
One of the best things about the Snow Park is a vast variety of rental gear lineups! Pick your favorites from their incredibly cool collection that includes the top ski and snowboard brands’. All the rental gear is carefully maintained and sterilized by heated-air or alcohol. As soon as you think of skiing or snowboarding, just come over empty-handed! What are you waiting for?

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The main slope area in the afternoon
As you might know, the mountain weather is unpredictable but if you are lucky, you will be amazed by the perfect color contrast of the blue sky and white snow on the slope.
According to the insider information from the Snow Park staff member, the morning hours (9 am-noon) would probably be the best time to go skiing and snowboarding as the slopes are less crowded. It would also be a good choice to experience the brilliant snow world at night. (Only available on weekends and national holidays.)
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Ski lift A and B

1st slope

Lovely and cheerful guests from the Philippines

2nd slope
The second slope is relatively steeper compared to the first one.

Left side: 2nd slope / Right side: 1st slope
First, go check out your skills on the 1st slope. Once you get the hang of it and feel confident to try the 2nd slope, just give it a shot! It would be so much fun! But please be careful!

3rd slope
As a conveyor belt is installed in the third slope area, it would be way easier for kids or anyone who doesn’t prefer the lifts to take to get to the top of the slope.

【補正済】IMG_5917Walking road between 1st and 2nd slopes

Another fun part of the Snow Park is definitely the SNOW LAND area. (Open from 9 am to 5 pm)

【補正済】IMG_6003Rental sleds corner (on weekends)

【補正済】IMG_8918Sled area
Why not try sledding with friends or family members together?

【補正済】S__3751982Snow playground
Let’s create our own snow artworks!

【補正済】S__3751986Useful utensils are prepared to support your creative works.

【補正済】IMG_5991 【補正済】IMG_5992【補正済】IMG_6001【補正済】IMG_5984【補正済】IMG_5995(1)
After playing in the snow, it’s time to go get something delicious to eat!
Check out the restaurants (Alpine Rose, Yukidaruma Shokudo), and the food stand (Uribou no kitchen car) to find your favorite!
Recommended dishes from the Snow Park staff member
Alpine Rose

Special roasted beef rice bowl (Tokusei roast beef don) 990 yen
Juicy roast beef with homemade sauce goes really well with garlic chips and white rice.
If you are a hearty eater, their jumbo size one, that is inspired by the shape of Mt. Rokko, is also a good option!

Braised Sanda pork rice bowl (Sanda pork no tezukuri chā-shū don) 880 yen
It’s undoubtedly worth trying their well-braised Sanda pork. Eat the braised pork itself first, then try it with a soft-boiled egg! Enjoy the difference between them!

The winter season in Kobe is now in full swing! The Rokko Snow Park is open daily until March 9th. Please don’t miss out!

【Facility information】
Address: 4512-98 Kitarokko Rokkosan-cho Nada-ku KOBE
Tel: 078-891-0366 (Japanese)
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【Discounted ticket information】
Discount ticket combinations for public transportation services
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