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~Route and Spot Recommendation~


A modern art exhibition “ROKKO MEETS ART (Art Walk) is Kobe’s most renowned annual art festival held in the Mt. Rokko area in the autumn season. ROKKO MEETS ART, which marked its13th anniversary this year, has been taking place since the end of August. As this schedule has started about a month earlier than regular year’s, the entire area has already been teeming with enthusiasm and excitement from visitors.

The slogan for the art event this year is “Meeting and getting to understand myself through works of art.” Along with the preceding event “The Shidare Museum” which has been open since July, come and indulge in fine art creations surrounded by Mt.Rokko’s beautiful autumn nature!

A variety of creative and imaginative masterpieces from 38 artists and groups are displayed at 10 venues on Mt. Rokko. For easy access to each venue, taking public transportation is the most favorable way. Also, there are some venues where you can walk around and enjoy artworks, of course.
Please read this article with recommended routes and artworks before your visit!

↑Guide Map
Source: Rokko Meets Art 2022

First off, let’s take a bus at Rokko Cable Car “Rokko Sanjo Station” and head to “the Chapel of the Wind area”.

A 10-minute bus ride (the Chapel of the wind route) or a 20-minute walk will take you to the area. (Japanese)
* The Chapel of the wind route only operates during the art festival period.

【The Chapel of the Wind area】

■Doutei (Road)
By Kazutoshi NAKAJIMA
Walk through this artwork which is connected to the Chapel of the Wind.

■ Sora no ana (The Coalsack)
By Shinji OHMAKI
The Chapel of the Wind was designed by Japan’s most famed architect Tadao Ando. Red lighting effects with echoing bell sound, which hasn’t rung for 20 years, dramatically transformed the chapel into Mr. OHMAKI’s mystical and vibrant reddish artwork.

The next destination is Mt. Rokko art center located close to the Chapel of the Wind. Fine works from multiple artists are exhibited at the art center.

■Hikari sosogu haikyo (Ruins pouring light)

This artwork is a replica of a room in the Maya Konko Hotel called Gakubuchi no Ma (a room with window architraves). The hotel was closed down in the1990s. As the matter of fact, displayed items in her work including the chair were used at the hotel back then. 
By Genjiro SONODA

■Mirai Yubinkyoku in Rokko (Future Post Office)
By Yoshiaki KAIHATS
Try this participative art creation! (*only available on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.)
Send letters to your future self, close friends, or family members in a year.

Once you’ve experienced all the works of art at the Chapel of the Wind area, come back to “Rokko Sajo Station”. After you arrive, transfer to another bus line and get off at “the Kinenhidai bus stop”.

【Mt. Rokko Visitor Center】
Two art pieces are exhibited on its grass-covered property.

■Sancho no yugu (Apparatuses on the Mountain Top)
By Kanako NAMURA

■Kage no kataribe_Rokko (Storyteller of Shadow_Rokko)
By Kazuya IWAKI + Tokyo Denki University Iwaki Laboratory
You can walk through this art creation.

To reach the next spot, take a bus at “the Kinenhidai bus stop” and get off at “the Museum mae stop”.

【ROKKO Morinone Museum】

■Tatakau onnanoko to chugoku no bunkan (Warrior Girl and Chinese Civil Officer)
This artwork is used as the key visual of ROKKO MEETS ART 2022.

■Night Museum
By Taikan ITO
It is exhibited in the Morinone Museum and around the pond next to the parking lot.

The next venue “Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden” is just a 3-minute walking distance away from the Museum.

【Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden】

■Hazama no mori (Forest in the gap)
Nobuharu ASANO

In the Garden, experience 3 artworks created with AR technology. (*please download the app.) 


On top of this daytime event, a night-time art event “Forest illumination ~Night Art Walk~” will take place both at ROKKO Morinone Museum and Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden.

Forest illumination ~Night Art Walk~
Event period: September 23rd (Friday / national holiday) – November 23rd (Wednesday / national holiday)
Opening hours: 5 pm – 8 pm (last admission: 7:30 pm) (English)

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Take a bus at “Museum mae” and get to “Rokko Sancho Station (Rokko-Arima Ropeway)” in about 5 minutes.

【Rokko-Arima Ropeway Rokko Sancho Station】

■Transience (the grand prize-winning artwork)

After appreciating the best artwork of the festival at the renovated “Rokko Sancho Station” (Rokko-Arima Ropeway), take a 5-minute stroll to “Rokko Garden Terrace” (the next venue). Don’t forget to enjoy more art pieces en route!

At the Rokko-Shidare observatory situated in the Rokko Garden Terrace, Rokko MEETS ART-related art event “Shirade Museum” has been organized.

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This year’s stamp collecting event (stamp rally) offers various stamps created by the organizer and Mt. Rokko primary school. The stamps are prepared right next to the artworks. 
Enjoy collecting as many stamps as possible!

As Mt. Rokko’s new specialty, multiple local food items made with Rokko miso are ready to be served!
(*limited-time offer) (English)

Mountain-hut style café “Edelweiss”
Miso cream spaghetti with bacon and mushrooms / 1,350 yen (served with a salad and drink)
Creamy sauce mixed with white miso paste as a secret ingredient makes the taste even more delicious!

Richly-flavored soft serve ice cream / 580 yen
Served with special Rokko miso and homemade caramel sauce on top

Mt. Rokko has been offering countless fun and interesting events such as Rokko MEETS ART 2022 this autumn. It would be undoubtedly one of the best choices to visit the Mt. Rokko area to see great modern artworks, eat local delectable food, and feel beautiful autumn nature!

~Route and Spot Recommendation~
Event period: August 27th (Saturday) – November 23rd (Wednesday / national holiday) (English)

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