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Rokko Morinone Museum in the Summer season ~Experience a cool moment at Mt. Rokko’s summer retreat! ~


The summer has just come around to the Mt. Rokko area. Rokko Morinone Museum is one of the most ideal locations where you can indulge in wonderful music from the SIKI Garden concerts while feeling Mt. Rokko’s vibrant and lushly green nature. As the temperature at the mountaintop is about 5 degrees cooler than that of the downtown area, it would be a great idea to avoid the summer heat and relax with the beautiful sound of the music boxes at the museum.
Now, let’s go check out the Morinone Museum together!

■SIKI Garden concert 2023
The SIKI Garden concert takes place on Sundays from May to October (every year). Please come and enjoy concerts performed by a variety of musicians. Also, depending on the type of concert, you may get a chance to play their instruments.
An article about the concert of the previous year↓
Venue: SIKI Garden
*If it rains on the day of the concert, it will be held at the concert room of the Morinone hall.

Concert room
Try to play their barrel organ and have a fun time with your kids!
Songs are related to four seasons and the one you play is selected by their staff member. Wait until you play and hear it!

■Cool moment at the summer retreat “Morinone Summer Festival”
We will show you some of the events from the summer festival!

<Music box assembly experience>
Rokko Morinone Museum manages a music box workshop for producing their original brand “Kobe Music Box”.

Walk through Museumshop TONE on the 1st floor and go into the workshop. 

The Museumshop TONE is a music box specialty shop which offers a wide variety of items ranging from affordable to authentic and antique.

The music box assembly experience will provide you with 2 services (standard and advanced) and you can make your own music box.
The standard offers 40 songs, please pick your favorite from the list.
The advanced exclusively uses “Kobe music box” and offers their amazing selection of 500 songs. Choose your most-loved song and experience the special music box assembly! (Reservation required a day before your visit.)

Apart from the assembly experience, more fun events and activities, that include making instruments such as castanets, will welcome all of you.

Participants, who took part in the music box assembly event by August 31st, can receive “The assembly report” and “The certificate” for school homework.

In front of the workshop, skilled craftsmen are working on the tuning of the comb that is not included in the assembly experience. Please stop by and see their professional techniques from outside the window.

As Rokko Morinone Museum used to be a music box museum, it would be the best place to have a precious experience related to a music box for your kids. The music box assembly experience would be especially great for summer homework.

〈SIKI Dorm Picnic Plan〉 (Japanese)
360-degree transparent dorm “SIKI dorm” full day rental plan (*lunch included)
Period: until November 23rd (Thu.)
Service hours: 11 am – 4 pm

(Source: Rokko Morinone Museum)
Sit on a relaxing chair, unwind yourself, and feel outdoor vibes in the forest.

Lilies and hydrangeas are now in full bloom.

Let’s explore SIKI garden to find Mt. Rokko’s beautiful nature!

■Time-limited menu (until August 25th)

Mori no Café (Forest café)
Chocolate banana Danish bread (on the left) 700 yen (tax included)
Savory banana and chocolate sauce are topped on freshly baked Danish bread.
Green lemonade 600 yen (tax included)
Lemonade soda goes really well with green apple syrup. Enjoy its super refreshing taste!

This summer would be one of the hottest summers ever according to the weather forecast. Why not head to a cool and nice spot “Rokko Morinone Museum” and have fun with your friends or family members during this summer vacation season.

Facility Information
Rokko Morinone Museum
4512-145 Kita-Rokko Rokko-cho Nada-ku Kobe
Tel: 078-891-1284

Mt. Rokko & Mt. Maya information

10 degrees cooler than downtown Kobe! “Icy Wind Experience” event has just started!
Event period: until the middle of August (*until the ice melts completely)
Venue: Rokko-Shidare Observatory

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site

“Snow play” & “Hit the target game” park
Event period: on Saturdays and Sundays until August 27th and August 11th (Fri. / national holiday) to 15th (Tue.)
Venue: Mt. Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA


Plants and Insects
Event period: until September 24th (Sun.)
Venue: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site