Rokko Meets Art 2020 ~The Mt. Rokko and Arima Onsen hot spring area Art Night Project~ Feel the autumn vibes with incredibly illusional artworks on this special occasion!


The annual art event “The 11th Rokko Meets Art 2020” takes place from September 12th (Sat.) to November 23rd (Mon. / national holiday) in the Mt. Rokko area. As an international unique modern art festival, this event is absolutely one of Kobe’s best attractions in autumn and is now in full swing. Take delight in these masterpieces of artworks from across Japan and the world and feel the passage of the season with your five senses.
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Today, we would like to share with you their special entertainment “The Mt. Rokko and Arima Onsen hot spring area Art Night Project~”. It is a very limited time exhibition during this art event and exclusively held at night. 
In addition to the regular event venues on Mt. Rokko, a wide variety of artworks, that you can encounter only during night hours, are dotted around the Arima Onsen hot spring area. Their fantastic productions with mystical lighting effects and original leading-edge AR (Augmented Reality) mobile app will undoubtedly mesmerize you. Please try following our recommended routes filled with amazing night artworks.

The Night Museum ~Enjoy artworks with fantastic lighting~
Venues: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Rokko International Musical Box Museum, Rokko Garden Terrace
Period: October 17, 18, 24, 25, 31st and November 1st-23rd (daily)

【Rokko International Musical Box Museum】
10 minutes away from Rokko Sancho Station (Rokko Cable Car) by Rokko Sanjo bus
Entrance gate

The museum is located behind the signboard.

Head upstairs to the courtyard and check out the night-time limited artwork on the pond.

[Palindromes and Light by Masayuki Fushimi]
From the Musical Box Museum, walk through the forest to get to the next destination, Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden.

[Amitsunagu by Kazune Hayashi]

【Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden】
It takes about 10 minutes to arrive at the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden (west gate).

[Glow with Night Garden Project in Rokko by Kyota Takahashi] You will receive a colorful lantern from the staff right after entering the garden.

The color of the lighting including the lantern changes over time.

The vivid yet soft colors of the lighting with spacy music surrounding the area will make you feel serene and relaxed.

【Rokko Garden Terrace・Rokko Shidare Observatory】
After leaving the east gate of the botanical garden, a 15-minute walk on the slope will take you to the entrance gate of the Rokko Garden Terrace property.

Walk uphill for a couple minutes to reach the Rokko Garden Terrace area.

The Rokko Shidare Observatory with purple lighting looks like it’s floating on the dark hill.

Rokko Garden Terrace

This is the famous ten-million-dollar view from the top of the tower. It’s definitely breathtaking!

[The scenery I sew by Fumieda] This artwork is used as the key visual of the Rokko Meets Art 2020. The symbolic flag is proudly waving.

Now, let’s take Rokko-Arima Ropeway to head to the Arima Onsen hot spring area. Find the signboard above at the back of the parking lot next to the Rokko Shidare Observatory. The Rokko Sancho Station is just a few-minute walking distance from here.

Even on your way to the station, sophisticated artworks will amaze you.
[FM802 award winning artwork by Kouichi Ohno]
Rokko Sancho Station (Rokko-Arima Ropeway)
The Rokko-Arima Ropeway is an aerial lift line that links Mt. Rokko and Arima Onsen hot spring in about 12 minutes. During the Rokko Meets Art 2020 event (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday between October 17th (Sat.) and November 23rd (Mon. national holiday), the operating hour will be extended and the last lift will depart at 9:30 pm. (GoTo travel campaign “regional coupon” is accepted.)

Arima Onsen hot spring area ~Arima Night Art, Art Night Walk with AR app~

The Rokko-Arima Ropeway operates two gondolas that are made in Switzerland. The red colored one is inspired by the autumn leaves of the Arima area and Mt. Rokko, and this silver one in the photo represents the wild nature of the mountain.
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En route, the light inside the gondola is turned off. The night view of the Arima Onsen area encircled by the darkness will make you expect something different from the mountaintop of Mt. Rokko.

Arima Onsen Station

At the entrance, three artworks will greet you.

[Artworks by Canaco MATSUMOTO] From the station, walk down the street to get to the onsen town area in about 15 minutes.
In the area, you can find several hot spring sources (Gensen in Japanese) with mystical lighting effects and powerful steam from the onsen.

Come and experience this fantastic aura.

Gosho Gensen hot spring source

At the Gensen spots, try their original mobile AR app and feel the different taste of the art.
To download app, check out the link below; (Japanese)

Tenjin Gensen hot spring source

From the Gensens, take a walk towards the Taiko-bashi drudge that lies across the Arima-gawa River. One of the most popular onsen facilities “Kin no Yu” hot spring will be waiting for you to soak and unwind.

The entrance of Kin no Yu

[Artwork by Canaco MATSUMOTO]
Throughout the area, there are a countless number of back alleys and stone stairways that will give you a sense of what a classic Japan was like.

Open your AR app here to see the artwork by using the cutting-edge technology as well!

Go down the main street, you will hit a beautiful red bridge and a female statue called Nene-bashi bridge and Nene-zou statue. They are the symbolic icons in the Arima Onsen town. Enjoy a stroll around the area and see more artworks.
Japan’s autumn is well-known as the best season of art exhibitions. Why not visit and experience the charm of Rokko Meets Art 2020 and feel Kobe’s local vibes with amazing artworks both in the day and night time.

【Detailed event information】
The Night Museum ~Enjoy artworks with fantastic lighting~

Period October 17, 18, 24, 25, 31st and November 1st-23rd (open daily)
Venues Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Rokko International Musical Box Museum
Monday to Friday (closed 6:30pm / last admission 6pm)
Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday (closed 7:30 pm / last admission 7pm)
Rokko Garden Terrace
Open daily (closed 9pm)
Rokko Shidare Observatory
Open daily (closed 9pm / last admission 8:30pm)
Tickets (Japanese)

Arima Onsen hot spring ~Arima Night Art~

Period October 17 to November 23rd
Open daily (5pm to 10:30 pm)
Venues Arima Onsen hot spring town

Rokko Arima night view bus tour
(Departs from Arima Onsen at 8pm and returns to Arima Onsen at 10pm)
*GoTo travel campaign applied.

Period Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday between October 17 and November 23rd
078-894-2210 (Rokkosan Kanko)