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Rokko Garden Terrace 20th Anniversary x Shidare Museum ~ Let’s head to the top of Mt. Rokko and enjoy artworks with wonderful views! ~


Rokko Garden Terrace will mark the 20th anniversary of its opening this year, 2023. An experience-based art event “Shidare Museum”, which was held last summer for the first time, will be upgraded and take place this year again as a commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Garden Terrace. Amazing art exhibits from 11 artists will create an artistic and fascinating aura all across the area. We will show you some of the art pieces today!

The venue where this event will be held “Rokko Shidare Observatory” was established in 2010. This uniquely-designed structure allows visitors to experience Mt. Rokko’s nature as an art piece itself.

The entrance of Rokko Shidare
Both sides of the path toward the Observatory are lushly filled with charming plants.

■ Meadow garden with lights and winds
By Tomomi Kimura
This art piece is inspired by a flowery meadow. Enjoy feeling seasonal sceneries that are changing over time!

■ Instant power spot “En Musubi”
By Takahiro Sagawa

This artwork has a unique and humorous concept. “En” means destiny and “Musubi” means tie or rice ball in Japanese.
Choose one of the various styles of rice ball-shaped art pieces together and feel your joint destiny like in the photo above!
Don’t forget to check out the signboard near the shrine to learn how to properly pray for matchmaking!

■ Super short slider ride
By Takahiro Sagawa

The unique seat on this slide has the word “life” written in Japanese prominently displayed on the side. Its sliding distance is quite short too. The reason for this is to remind the rider that “Life is super short”. This is the concept the artist wanted to express. So straddle life and enjoy every second of the quick ride!

■ SUGIYAMA BROTHERS’ soap bubble square

Make soap bubbles by using a variety of tools! It’s extremely enjoyable for both kids and adults.

■ Four seasons of Mt. Rokko
By Yukino Ohmura
The dramatic change of four seasons on Mt. Rokko is designed with colorful round stickers. This is an experience-based artwork that anyone can participate creating.

Shidare Museum

Event Period:
March 18th (Sat.), 2023- January 8th (Mon. / national holiday), 2024
Admission fee:
Adult (older than middle school age): 1,000 yen
Child (4 years old – primary student age): 500 yen
Infant (until 3 years old): free

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During the evening business hours, an illumination event is held in the Rokko Shidare Observatory. It would definitely be worth visitng Rokko Garden Terrace after sunset as well.
The Garden Terrace will entertain you both during the daytime and nighttime.

Around Kobe’s variety goods shop “Horti”, there is an English-style garden that offers seasonal plants to mesmerize visitors.

After passing through the English garden, two observation decks, which provide you with spectacular views, appear before your eyes.

Miharashi Observation Tower

Go up the spiral staircase to reach the rooftop, and take delight in a stunning panoramic view!

Miharashi Terrace
It’s located near the foot of the Miharashi Observation Tower.

Rokko Omiyage Kan (souvenir shop)
Various souvenirs related to Kobe are lined up.
Stop by another observation deck right behind this building!

Miharashi Deck

More information about night views from Rokko Garden Terrace is below↓

As the sun goes down, the entire area of the Garden Terrace becomes very romantic.

All Lanterns are marvelously lit up.

■ Lightscape in ROKKO <Lights from plants>
By Masayuki Fushimi
~ Sakura (cherry blossoms) ~
This artwork expresses diverse types of Sakura (cherry blossoms) that appear to bloom with the aid of cutting-edge lighting techniques.

Event period: until May 31st (Wed.)
Event hours: 6 pm – 9 pm (Last admission: 8:30 pm)

Let’s visit Mt. Rokko to feel its abundant nature, see breathtaking views, and experience masterpieces of creative art.

Facility Information
Rokko Garden Terrace
Address: 1877-9 Gosukeyama Rokkosan-cho Nada-ku Kobe
Tel: 078-894-2281

Mt. Rokko & Mt. Maya Event Information

■ SIKI Garden Concert 2023
Event period: Every Sunday from May 7th to October 29th

Source: Kobe / Mt. Rokko official outing site