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Year-end and New year’s events in the Mt. Maya Area


2021 is just right around the corner and the winter season is now in full swing here in the Mt. Maya area, Kobe! As the air is extremely fresh, clean, and clear compared to other seasons, at the Kikuseidai observation platform, incredibly magnificent daytime and nighttime views are ready to mesmerize all visitors.

From Kikuseidai (daytime view)

Especially, the night view from Kikuseidai is well-known as one of Japan’s three best night views along with Mt. Hakodate (Hakodate, Hokkaido Pref.) and Mt. Inasa (Nagasaki, Nagasaki Pref.). If the weather condition permits, you can take delight in the super-wide night view of Kobe and Osaka that amazingly sparkles like jewels.

From Kikuseidai (nighttime view)

Mayasan Tenjoji TempleHatsumode (First visit of the new year)

Hatsumode literally means “first visit (of the new year)” in Japanese. It’s one of the most important Japanese traditions that has been passed down for more than one thousand years. From January 1st to 3rd, many Japanese people visit shrines or temples to make wishes for the new year. The principal deity of worship here at Mayasan Tenjoji Temple is the hidden Buddha who wards off evil and encourages good fortune. It would be a great idea to stop by and pray for your good fortune and happiness for the year. Also, please don’t forget to buy your favorite omamori (good luck charm) from their lineup. Your omamori will protect you throughout the year.

Cucumber charm for warding off sickness

Opening hours:
January 1st (Friday): 6 am-5 pm
January 2nd (Saturday) and 3rd (Sunday): 9 am-5 pm

Official website: (Japanese)

<Year-end and New year’s information>
Maya Viewline special operating schedule

Maya Cable-car

Maya Viewline is uniquely composed of two transportation systems (Maya Cable-car and Maya Ropeway) that travel between the base and the top of Mt. Maya. Maya Viewline will extend its operating hours during the year-end and new year’s period.

Kobe’s spectacular evening view from Maya Ropeway

【Special operating schedule】
December 29th (Tuesday)-31st (Thursday), 2020:
January 2nd (Saturday) and 3rd, 2021(Sunday):
10 am (The first train departs from the base.)-7:50 pm (The last train leaves the mountaintop)
January 1st (national holiday), 2021:
10 am (The first train departs from the base.)-5:30 pm (The last train leaves the mountaintop.):
More detailed information as below;

Recommended Restaurant & Service>
CAFE 702 (café nana-maru-ni)

CAFE 702 is situated right above the Maya Ropeway Hoshi no Eki Station. Sit back and unwind yourself while enjoying a wonderfully beautiful panoramic view from your table.

Among CAFE 702’s menu items, their chicken curry and rice is absolutely unrivaled. 10 kinds of special spices, seasonings, and coconut milk will bring out the best flavor of their curry. Please don’t miss out on this best-selling item!

Opening hours:
11 am-5 pm
*Open until 7:30 pm from Friday to Sunday, and a national holiday between November 1st and March 19th.
Closed on Tuesday
*If a national holiday falls on Tuesday, the following Wednesday is observed.

Related topic about CAFE 702 as follows;
*Kotatsu tables are not currently provided.

Mayachari (electric-assisted bike)
Mayachari will surely support your Maya trip! This type of Japanese electric-assisted bike looks so cute but it’s very powerful and reliable. You can easily ride to many locations with no fatigue. For instance, Mayachari will take you to Mayasan Tenjoji Temple within 5 minutes. Why not rent Mayachari to head to Tenjoji for Hatsumode?
Check out more stories about Mayachari and Tenjoji below;

Return/rental site: monte702(Maya Ropeway Hoshi no Eki Sta. 2nd floor)
Mayachari Usage Area: Mt. Maya Kikuseidai~Rokkosan Pasture
Rental time frame: Weekdays 11:00~16:00(Closed on Tuesdays)Friday, Weekends, Holidays 11:00~18:00
Price: 3 hr. ¥1,000; ¥100 for each additional hour(¥1,000 deposit; Returned upon return of the rental bike)
Contact: 078-882-3580

<ACCESS to Mt. Maya Kikuseidai>
To get to Kikuseidai from Sannomiya, taking Kobe bus route #18 is a surefire choice. The bus stop “Subway Sannomiya Sta.” (Chikatetsu Sannomiya Eki-mae) is just next to the all-line-access Sannomiya Sta. (*The bus stop is located under the railway overpass at the south side of the station that is on the left side facing north following along Flower Road). Other than Sannomiya, it’s also convenient to use the Saka Bus that departs from JR Nada Sta. Mae. For details, check out the “To Maya Cable car” column at the following: