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Interview “Arima-onsen”


Ms. Zhu-san and Wang-san from Shanghai

:How did you come to know about the Arima Onsen hot spring?

:At first, our Chinese friend who is studying in Japan highly recommended it here, saying the Arima Onsen hot spring is one of the best hot springs in Japan. After that, we looked up the information about Arima Onsen on the internet and we were both convinced that it was definitely a wonderful place. That’s the reason why we’re here.

:What kind of impression do you have now?

:The Onsen is great, of course. On top of that, we think Arima is a very peaceful place since it’s quiet, safe, and best of all, people here are really friendly.


:Are you enjoying Arima Onsen now?

:Yes we definitely are.

:Are there any hot springs in Shanghai?

:Yes, there are some, but we’re so glad to be here because everything we’re experiencing here is a lot more than what we expected.


:How long will you be traveling in Japan?

A:Eight days.

:How many days are you staying in Arima?

:Two nights.


:Are you going to talk to your friends about Arima Onsen after returning to Shanghai?

:Yes, we sure will!

Thank you very much!