KoKuMiN Drugstore


KoKuMiN Drugstore

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A drugstore in business for 80 years.
Ichiban (best) store for tax-free shopping with a wide range of items.

In addition to a variety of medicine, cosmetics and health food, horse oil “Jun-oh” available only at KoKuMiN Drugstore is highly recommended. The store is also filled with hot cosmetics and
all-time bestsellers. All our staff members are expecting you.


KoKuMiN Drugstore Sannomiya Center store

KoKuMiN Drugstore Sannomiya Center store


KoKuMiN Drugstore Tor Road store

KoKuMiN Drugstore Tor Road store


KoKuMiN Drugstore JR Sannomiya St. Higashiguchi Store

KoKuMiN Drugstore JR Sannomiya St. Higashiguchi Store