“Kobe Nankinmachi” A vibrant place offering a fusion of Chinese and Japanese Culture.


10Nankinmachi’s origin had its beginnings in 1867 when the Kobe port was first opened. At the time, Chinese people who visited Kobe settled down near the west side of an initial foreign settlement alongside the Kobe port. They gradually opened their business there and expanded their unique culture within the city.

Since then, this area has been called “Nankinmachi”, or “Kobe Chinatown”, where many Chinese people reside.


For about 150 years since its beginning, Nankinmachi was developed in a unique way by combining exotic atmosphere and Japanese hospitality, and evolved into one of the most lively and energetic areas in Kobe. Nankinmachi is one of the three biggest Chinatowns in Japan, along with ones in Yokohama and Nagasaki Shinchi.


Events recommended 

by Mr. Oh, Public Relations Manager of Nankinmachi Shopping District Promotion Association:

1.  Shunsetsu-sai (Chinese New Year ceremony)

The biggest event in Nankinmachi. It was designated as an intangible folk cultural asset of Kobe in 1997 and attracts a lot of tourists from all over Japan and the world.


2. Koryushunpu-sai (Spring Festival)

The Spring Festival takes place on a weekend in March or April every year.
The event welcomes and entertains spring tourists visiting Nankinmachi through the performance of traditional stage shows.


3. Chushu-setsu (Mid-Autumn Festival)

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an autumn event to celebrate the most beautiful full moon of the year which symbolizes a happy family. It is said that this event is the origin of Jugoya in Japan, a celebration of a full moon night in September. (August 15th in the Chinese lunar calendar.)


4.Lantern Fair

During winter, Chinese lanterns are lit up in Nankinmachi which coincides with Japan’s famous light festival called “Kobe Luminarie.” The lanterns create a fantastically beautiful scene which illuminates the main street of Nankinmachi.


Nankinmachi will never cease to amaze you. The exotic townscape creates a lovely atmosphere which will envelop you with its exciting uniqueness. We strongly recommend visiting and experiencing Nankinmachi firsthand.

For more information and event details regarding Nankinmachi please consult the official website of the Nankinmachi Shopping District Promotion Association.

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