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Hikari No Mori ~Night Art Walk ~ ~Experience Mt. Rokko’s art world enveloped with warm lighting effects~


The leaves in the Mt. Rokko area are beginning to turn red and it seems as though autumn is here. Kobe’s renowned art festival “ROKKO MEETS ART 2022”, which has been taking place since this summer, has almost come to an end.
Along with “ROKKO MEETS ART 2022”, “Hikari No Mori ~Night Art Walk” is a night art exhibition that is organized in the same period and area.
Please come and take delight in fantastically illuminated masterpieces as well as venues from ROKKO MEETS ART while feeling the changing of the season.

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The locations of the night exhibition “Hikari No Mori ~Night Art Walk” are;
1: Rokko Morinone (Forest Sound) Museum
2: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden

The event facilities, which are next to each other, will become “a magically glittering place”.

Source: ROKKO MEETS ART 2022
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1:Rokko Morinone Museum

■Shining Smile Fruit in SIKI Garden
2,500 light bulbs with 2,500 smile pictures are brilliantly shining.

The tree house, which was newly established this summer, is also illuminated with warm and colorful lights.
In addition, some of the pieces from ROKKO MEETS ART 2022 are lit up on the property.

■Warrior Girl and Chinese Civil Officer
■Considerer Girl and Fallen Gravestone

The visual image from the surface of the pond reflects on the outer wall of the front building of the museum.
Admire the projection mapping with the sound art!

Source: ROKKO MEETS ART 2022

The route from the Morinone Museum to the gate of Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden is available until 8 pm only on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. This time-limited path will take you to the west gate of the Botanical Garden in no time. (*in about 3 minutes through the regular route.)

2: Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
A new participative art creation just came out!

■Kira★Kira★Kirari ~Find night paints! ~

First, sign up for the event at the reception called “Azumaya” and listen to the rules and the instructions, and then, let’s get started!

Explore the Garden and collect the night paints!
Considering how the best location for viewing autumn leaves is right here, you can expect a stunning view of the illuminated seasonal trees.

As soon as you finish collecting all of the paints, go straight back to Azumaya!
An exceptional view will unravel before your eyes. You’ll be absolutely mesmerized that you’ll lose track of time.
ROKKO MEETS ART 2022 and Hikari No Mori ~Night Art Walk~ are reaching the end. They will certainly leave you with fun, romantic, and memorable moments to look back on.

Facility and Event Information:
Hikari No Mori ~Night Art Walk~
Event period: till November 23rd (Wednesday / national holiday)
Venue: Rokko Morinone Museum, Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
Opening hours: 5 pm- 8 pm (ticket counter closes at 7pm / last admission at 7:30 pm)


At the Rokko-Shidare observatory situated in the Rokko Garden Terrace, Rokko MEETS ART-related art event “Shirade Museum” has been held.
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Rokko Morinone Museum
4512-145 Kitarokko Rokko-chou Nada-ku Kobe
Tel: 078-891-1284

Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
4512-150 Kitarokko Rokko-chou Nada-ku Kobe
Tel: 078-891-1247