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“GREENIA”! One of Japan’s biggest Outdoor adventure parks! ~ Water-side attractions renovated! ~


“Mountain, sky, waterside, everything here in this adventurous kingdom can be your big moment!” This is the slogan of Mt. Rokko’s outdoor adventure park “GREENIA”. The park proudly offers a number of attractions that are ranked top-class in Japan. GREENIA is an outdoor athletic facility where a wide range of people from kids to adults can indulge in various fun attractions as they like.
On top of that, a super-famous Japanese YouTuber “Fischer’s” has been exclusively supervising four areas out of seven in the park.
GREENIA, which marked the 3rd anniversary this year, will present to you a variety of enjoyable events and upgraded items in the park which include the renovation of the “wonder amembo (waterside attraction)” area!

GREENIA Adventure Map (Japanese)

wonder amembo area: Pick from 34 of the great attractions in the area and give them a try!

Available only for those older than primary school students’ age plus those taller than 110cm.

First, listen to the detailed guideline explained by the staff member before entering the area.
We will show you 2 out of 4 attractions which are dramatically renovated this time.

No.16: Three second wall
Strive to make it through the 4-meter-long path by the camouflage-design wall within 3 seconds! Be cautious as the path becomes narrower as you go! (English)

No.32: Get heated! Surface dash
Run through a 9-meter-long traditional Japanese mat “goza” which is floating on the surface of the pond! (English)

Many more fun attractions in the area are waiting for your challenge!
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■GREENIA×Fischer’s Stamp collecting event (stamp rally) 2023
Period: until November 19th (Sun.)

Enjoy collecting stamps while strolling through the huge property!

Locate all the booths in every area, collect all the stamps, and enter the lottery for a special gift!

◇Additional stamp◇
An additional stamp can be found at Omiyage Kan (souvenir shop) in Rokko Garden Terrace. It would be very easy and convenient to get there by taking the chairlift located near the wonder amembo area.
Chairlift ticket: 200 yen (one way)

■Japan’s biggest strawberry picking-like event!?

In the lawn area, several giant strawberry-shaped balloons are dotted! They are approximately 2.0 -2.8m tall!!
You’ll be absolutely astonished by the size! It would definitely be super photogenic!

Event period: April 1st – May 31st
Participation fee: free (*Admission free of GREENIA is required.)

◇Special desserts◇

A food stand “The Green Leaf “serves seasonal strawberry desserts during the event.

Teppen Ichigo (soft serve topped with a fresh strawberry) 600 yen
You can get an extra piece of strawberry, adding on top of your soft serve if you post your photos or videos related to the event “Japan’s biggest strawberry picking” on social media!
2023’s new season of GREENIA has just started! Take delight in Mt. Rokko’s spring season while reveling in the wonderful limited-time events at GREENIA!

Facility Information
Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA
Address: 4512-98 Kitarokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe
TEL: 078-891-0366

Egeyama shou koen park was renovated! The Egeyama shou koen park is known as the place where Dr. Tomitaro Makino’s laboratory was once situated. Dr. Tomitaro Makino was a pioneer Japanese botanist who was linked to Kobe.

This park is commonly called “Makino koen park” and it has been loved by Kobe locals.

In the park, Dr. Makino-related items can be seen such as the monument of the botanical laboratory site, a bench made with the gate post pillars of his dormitory, and plants named by him.

Many of the visitors stop by the pergola using Dr. Makino’s laboratory as a motif.
Egeyama shou koen park is one of the locations of Dr. Makino-related event from April 15th (Sat.) – July 30th (Sun.)

■Special Event “Japanese botanist, Dr. Tomitaro Makino, who was linked to Kobe”

Hyogo-ku historical walkway “Minatogawa Shinkaichi・Egeyama ~Visiting the place associated with a Japanese botanist, Dr. Tomitaro Makino~”