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Mountain, sky, waterside, everything here can be the best attraction for your great adventure! One of Japan’s newest and biggest outdoor adventure parks “GREENIA” is now open

On April 3rd, 2021, a new open-air amusement facility “Mt. Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA” was just born on a huge property of Mt. Rokko. GREENIA is one of the largest outdoor adventure parks in Japan that consists of 164 kinds of obstacle courses and playground equipment.

The number of attractions (164 kinds) will surely astonish you and boost your excitement. On top of that, 80 kinds of attractions were exclusively supervised by a super-famous Japanese YouTuber “Fischer’s”!

Source: (GREENIA official website)

As YouTubers, Fischer’s boasts tremendous popularity with a wide range of age groups from kids to the elderly in Japan. In their videos, they always enjoy challenging various things including outdoor activities that they really love. And with no exception, their video footage makes all viewers feel excited, fun, happy, and warm-hearted. Now, we will show you the charm of GREENIA with many spots that include fun attractions directed by Fischer’s. Are you ready to pump yourself up?

GREENIA adventure map↓
This iconic green-colored double-sided map contains sufficient information about GREENIA and it will help you find your favorite spots easily. Also, as you can use the checklist called “athletic mission” on the left side of the map, you will not miss the attractions that you would like to try in each area. And of course, the maps and the signboards are dotted all over the park, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right place. Moreover, in front of each attraction, there is a name board with a QR code. And like the photo shown below, you can easily scan it and access the detailed instruction page online called “Athletic pictorial book”. It would be a great idea to go to the page and check it out before trying the attractions.
*As each attraction has its own rules and restrictions, please read them on the instruction page.

The instruction page is below↓ (Japanese)
The attractions supervised by Fischer’s are concentrated in these obstacle courses.
・⑭Water athletic course (wonder amembo)
・⑱Muscle athletic course (de kairiki)
・⑲Variety athletic course (yahhoy)
Let us share our recommended attractions with you!

⑭Water athletic course (wonder amembo)

Try 30 of the super-exciting and demanding attractions located in a huge area of the pond. If you fall into the water, don’t worry! There is a fully equipped shower room nearby.

By the way, you can see one of the most impressive and iconic observation spots on Mt. Rokko “Rokko-Shidare Observatory” on the hill (*It’s on the left side of the photo, right below the sky.)

No.1: Transparent! Super Spider Walk

No.17: Climb up and down the spider web (left)
No.18: Jump! Puka Puka Island (right)

No. 26: Take a walk in the air on a net swing

No.27: Kakukaku Shikaku Square Wood Waku

No.29: Jump over a cold pond

*The wonder amembo area is only for primary school students or older and those who are 110cm tall or taller.

⑱Muscle athletic course (de kairiki)

The 20 attractions on the de kairiki course require muscle strength and stamina! If you’re confident in your toughness, why not complete all 20 attractions?

No.1: Run up the slope

No.6: Stilts floating in the air

No.9: Standing slider

No.11: At the top of a big fort

Savor a wonderful view from the top of the fort that gives you a sense of accomplishment!

⑲Variety athletic course (yahhoy)

yahhoy is created with about 30 kinds of attractions that are similar to field sports and games. It would be a lot of fun if you play and compete with friends.

In addition, inside the area, a special course “yahhoy kids” is also ready to welcome kids who are even younger than primary school students! Try yahhoy kids’ fun attractions together with family members!

No. 12: Dive into the game

You will be surprised by a giant mural which describes GREENIA’S legend! Once you try this, you will completely feel as if you were playing in a computer game. This colorful and hand-painted mural was inspired by the leader of Fischer’s, Silkroad’s sketch.

No. 19: Incandescent! Pachinko shooter

No. 25: Lift it up! Omono no Yokan

No. 24: Ladder and sword (right)
No. 27: Yurari Yurayura Net swing (left)

No. 28: Mole

Aerial athletic course (Forest adventure & Long zip slide) 
GREENIA offers another signature area called “Aerial athletic” that is composed of two courses.
Visit the special page below↓
⑩ Forest adventure (mecya forest)
It’s the best course for those who want to feel nature and experience something extraordinary. mecya forest provides you with an aerial outdoor adventure in the natural forest. Climb to the scaffolds on the trees that are 2-15 meters above the ground and try a variety of attractions of the obstacle course, using logs, ropes, and zip slides. Concerning the safety precaution (fall prevention), as the safety climbing harness belt is tightly attached between your body and the guide rope of the attraction, you can challenge your adventure safely without any anxiety.
⑪ Long zip slide
This brand-new long zip slide is an aerial runway attraction with a total length of over 200m that offers you an amazing round sky trip. Take delight in Mt. Rokko’s fresh air, relaxing view, and exhilarating feeling!

【How to take the long zip slide service (procedure)】

At the reception counter, please sign up for the slide. (*Zip ticket fee (1,000 yen) needed)
Fill out the application and agreement form.

The staff member will fasten your safety harness belt carefully.

Go up to the starting point of the zip slide on the hill.

The staff member will explain to you the instruction in detail.

Are you all set? It’s your turn! Take your aerial trip!

Experience GREENIA’s longest and most thrilling 256m zip slide, fly across the sky and feel Mt. Rokko’s rich nature. It’s so refreshing and memorable!
*Conditions of use (all three conditions required)
1: Primary school students or older
2: 110cm tall or taller (height)
3: 110kg or Lighter (weight)
*Zip ticket (1,000 yen) needed
See more details below↓

Why don’t you step into GREENIA’s nice shops and restaurants to take a break while enjoying your outdoor adventure?
【Restaurant Alpen Rose】

Alpen Rose is a spacious restaurant located on the shore of the pond near the entrance gate. Select you favorite from their variety of menu items and recharge your batteries.

【BBQ site】
If you would like to enjoy outdoor cooking, this barbeque site is a great choice! Cooking equipment, fuel, utensils, and even food ingredients are fully prepared. You don’t have to bring anything here. On top of that, you can make a reservation on the day of your visit. (*first come, first served). Also, you can get a discount if you make a reservation in advance.

【Official shop Greenia】
The official shop Greenia presents a wide range of products from their original items to Kobe-related items that would be great as souvenirs. Plus, the special collaboration goods that GREENIA and Fischer’s produced together are also lined up. Go and find your favorite knickknacks to keep as great memorabilia.

Shop info↓

【Promotion & Event information】

◇Special Mission from Grinha◇
“Promote GREENIA to the world!”
Post your cool and favorite photos that are taken at GREENIA with #GREENIA to various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! You can receive a great gift at the official shop Greenia.

Promotion period: April 3rd (Sat.), 2021- November 23rd (Tue. national holiday)
*Every Thursday is excluded because of the official holiday of Greenia.
Gift: GREENIA A5-sized plastic file folder, Fischer’s sticker for your smartphone
*Pick one from the two choices above.
*The gift is redeemable during the same period above.
Check out detailed information↓

◇GREENIA X Fischer’s stamp collecting event (stamp rally) ◇
Event period: April 3rd (Sat.), 2021- November 23rd (Tue. national holiday)
*Every Thursday is excluded because of the official holiday of GREENIA.
Event hours: 10 am-5 pm
Entry fee: free (*GREENIA admission fee needed)

6 locations for collecting stamps (on the map)
① Silkroad spot
② Masai spot
③ Ndaho spot
④ Dama spot
⑤ Zakao spot
⑥ Motoki spot
See the map and explore GREENIA to find 6 colored stamp spots. The spots are impressively designed with the photos of 6 members of Fischer’s. Collect all of the 6 Fischer’s stamps, take the application form, and head to the gate. (*Main gate, sub gate, Yamanbo gate, any gate will do.)

Those who complete the stamp collecting games and turn in the application forms will have a chance to win the lottery! 10 winners can get a “Fischer’s goods assortment (reproduction)”!
Event period: April 3rd (Sat.), 2021- May 31st (Mon.)
*The contents of Fischer’s goods assortment will change once every two months.

【Rokkosan Athletic Coupon (tickets)】
Rokkosan Athletic Coupon is a great deal if you would like to take public transportation to visit Mt. Rokko. The tickets include the Hankyu or Hanshin line (train), Kobe municipal bus, Rokko cable car, Rokko Sanjo bus, and GREENIA admission ticket.
See more information below↓

【Facility information】
* Due to the state of emergency related to the Covid-19 pandemic declared in Hyogo Pref., GREENIA is closed from April 25th to May 11th.
Rokko Athletic Park GREENIA
Address: 〒657-0101 4512-98 Kitarokko, Rokkosan-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe
TEL: 078-891-0366
Opening period: April 3rd (Sat.), 2021- November 23rd (Spring-Autumn)
*GREENIA is closed during the winter season (opened as the Rokko Snow Park) and is scheduled to reopen on March 19th (sat.).
Opening hour: 10 am-5 pm (Last admission at 4:30 pm)
Closed on: Thursday
(*Opened on April 29th (Thu, national holiday), Every Thursday from July 22nd to August 26th, September 23rd (Thu, national holiday).
Ticket fee:
<GREENIA Admission fee>
Adult 3,000 yen
Student 2,500 yen
Primary school student 2,000 yen
Younger than primary school student age: 1,500 yen
<Additional ticket>
Forest ticket 2,000 yen (online reservation required)
Zip ticket 1,000 yen
More information about the fee↓ (Japanese)